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Diet programs?

Posted by Barbara R.

Has anyone tried any specific diet/weight maintenace programs recently?

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I always recommend Weight Watchers. It's good even if you're doing low carb or something and is very flexible.
Why not go the non-diet route to losing weight? Diets don't work long-term. Studies conclude that 95-98% of people who lose weight, regain it and that 90% regain more than they originally lost. Try learning the rules of "normal" eating to reconnect to your body's appetite signals. It will take time to readjust, but you will have "normal" eating skills forever and never have to diet again.  Karen R. Koenig

I have following a calorie controlled diet which I developed for myself now for about 4 weeks and have lost 5 kilo's. (sorry, you have to convert this to pounds).  Since I currently weigh 80 kilos I aim to eat 800 calories a day when I'm not exercising and increase this to 1000 kg a day with exercise.  For breakfast I will aim to have a meal of 300cal, lunch 300cal and dinner 200cal.  My diet includes whole grains, fruit, veg and lean meat.  I feel healthy and look and feel great.

Hope this helps. zelda

I'm with Mary Ann. Weight Watchers is a fantastic program. It isn't really a diet- it's more of a lifestyle change.

Dear Barbara, Weight Watchers is a tried-and-true program.  Its main reasons for success are the support groups and the variety of foods allowed.  But there are other calorie-control nutrition plans that are free, with on-line access, and deprive you of no food group. Try:

- and customize your own plan.

-   Here again, you can choose your calorie level

or google "Mediterranean diet" and you'll find plenty of healthy, nutritious plans.

Key to success: count your calories, keep a journal, and get a support group.  Cheers! 


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