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Diet plan hopping is not a good weight loss solution

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:56am

Are you Abbey?

Abbey heard about a very strict low carb diet, so that's what she decided to do when she gained twenty-five pounds. Two days in, she began to panic - What? No more bread ever? Oh no.

So Abbey switched to another diet, low cal - really low cal. But she was soon starving, so she blew it and ate everything in sight.

"Well", thought Abbey, "I'll eat one meal a day. Just dinner. Easy. That ought to do it." This only lasted one day.

Going to extremes in dieting rarely results in weight loss, even more rarely in permanent weight loss. It's only recommended in extreme cases, and then usually in a hospital setting.

The answer to gaining twenty-five pounds needs to be something richer, and deeper, and more profound.

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