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Diet myths busted!

Posted by sheryl w.

Crash Diets Alone Don't Work! Getting into eating HABITS that are health giving and that you can make part of your permanent, everyday life is the best diet worth going on. Others often make people feel disempowered and cause yo-yo weight loss and gain.

Caffeine Makes You Tired. Caffeine on a daily basis makes your adrenal glands become exhausted causing you to do the same.

You Don't Eat Fruit and Vegetables? You cannot feel good and be happy if you don't eat fruit and vegetables. "I Don't Have Time to Cook" If you don't have time to cook, then you need to sort your life out. It takes almost as much time to break open the packaging from your ready made meal and stick it in the oven as it does to chop up and steam some vegetables and or make a salad with some Mackerel. I am telling you, ready-made meals are a myth created by the supermarkets to get more money off of you.

"Water is For Dogs." Watch your plants wilt in the summer when not watered and how quickly they are revived when their thirst is quenched. The same is true for us. Two litres a day!

"Skipping Breakfast Helps Me to Lose Weight." Not eating breakfast does not help you to lose weight; in fact it may actually cause you to gain weight since your blood sugar becomes imbalanced. Eating healthy foods, including breakfast is the key to losing weight.

Variety is the Answer. A vast majority of the modern diet consists of Wheat and Dairy. Get creative and branch out a little. A Lovely Packet of Crisps Won't Be Out of Your System for Weeks! Watch the items that are put into people's trolleys at the supermarket. Crisps, biscuits, sweets, fizzy drinks, and other forms of rubbish are popular.

Try finding lovely foods that give you that zip without the sugar and chemicals. Try it for a month and discover how fantastic you can feel.

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