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Diet Goals—How Best to Reach Them

Posted Jan 26 2013 5:00am

Here you are dieting again, and you have lots of goals and wishes just like you always do.

You certainly want to reach your goals and have your wishes come true. What’s the best way to make this happen?

    Goal wish #1: You want to reach your goal weight.

    Goal wish #2: You want to stay on your diet.

    Goal wish #3: You don’t want to fail again this time.

    Goal wish #4: You want the weight-loss process to be a lot easier for you this time.

So you have these goal wishes. Now what? A good thing to do is to compare these goal wishes with reality and see what stands in the way of having your goal wish come true. What weight issues will you face? What are the weight-loss problems that are going to occur? This is what it means to compare and contrast your goal wish with reality.

Now you might already be doing this. Setting goals and wishing, and comparing and contrasting these goals and wishes with reality is a pretty common occurrence among dieters. You probably will get more bang for your buck, though, if you more actively and more purposefully compare and contrast wish with reality. What can accrue to you from this is greater energisation (motivation) and more specific strategies for dealing with the real problems that stand in the way of you realizing your goal wish.

So wish all you want when it comes to losing your unwanted weight. Set all the goals you want. But remember to contrast and compare what you wish for with what’s realistic, and get the benefits from doing this.


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