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Diet Failure and Self-Regulation Failure Can Be Avoided

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:55am

by Maria's Last Diet

Here's the diet situation with a twist.

You go on a diet, and you are trying hard to regulate your food intake. But psychology research indicates that after you go through an instance of self-regulation - like say, a period of time when you're dieting - you actually deplete your strength for more self-regulation and your dieting takes a turn for the worse.

So, how do you continue to self-regulate if your ability to control yourself has been diminished by the act of controlling yourself?

Well, first of all, rest and sleep help a lot. They renew your self resources, they reinvigorate you, and replenish strength both mental and physical. But it's not enough.

So what else can help you continue on your weight loss diet?

Research in the area of self-regulation further suggests that positive emotional states help you to keep up the good work. Feeling good is energizing. It helps you replenish your depleted store of self-control.

So: Self-regulation is an important key to diet success. However, each time you use it, you deplete it somewhat, leaving you less able to self-regulate. Positive mood - that is feeling good - has been shown to counteract the negative effects of having to exert self-control when you are dieting. So, keep it in mind: Positive moods have a beneficial effect on your weight loss diet.

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