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Diet Drinks: Part of Your Weight Loss Diet or Not?

Posted May 20 2013 6:10am

Do You Drink Diet Drinks?

My sweet friend and I were talking the other day and she was telling me how hard it has been for her to stop drinking diet drinks. As a side note, she’s been trying to kick the diet drink habit on and off since I’ve known her, which is about 10 years.

So as not to discourage her from her attempt to once again kick this habit, I did not tell her this little fact. While I was losing weight, I did not drink nearly as much water as I should have, and drank a lot of diet drinks during the whole process.

As a little attempt to defend myself now, back in the late 1990s, drinking water for health wasn’t nearly as popular as it is now. People didn’t carry around cute or sporty water bottles, there was not any bottled water to be found in my grocery stores, and even my Weight Watcher’s leaders never really pushed water like they do now.

All of my friends even drank tap water. Gasp!

Anyway, I digress. The point is that I did not focus on drinking water back then like I do now. When I was morbidly obese I not only drank diet drinks, I also drank that bright red punch that comes in gallon containers, tea sweetened with tons of sugar, and even the kid’s Kool-Aid. It’s true. In addition to bad food habits, I also had bad beverage habits.  No wonder I weighed 300+ pounds.

During my weight loss experience I drank diet drinks, black coffee, and water. I cut out all the caloric beverages, which was a good thing. Interestingly, it wasn’t long after I got to my goal weight that I did stop drinking diet drinks altogether.

Truthfully, every great once in a while I will have a sip of a diet drink but you know what? Now, it makes me sick. Literally sick to my stomach, which I think is very telling.

For example, the other day John had a Vanilla Coke Zero in the refrigerator. (Side note: I never buy his diet drinks. He buys them himself because I won’t do it.) Back to the story. I took literally two sips of the drink sitting there and pretty soon afterward; I started to experience uncomfortableness in my digestive tract.

It had been at least a year since I had sipped a diet drink and I quickly remembered why I don’t like them and try to avoid all artificial sweeteners. I think it is interesting that I could drink diet drinks all day long back in the day with no ill effects, but once I quit drinking them, they now make me sickish if I even have a sip.

I do not want to judge anyone who drinks diet drinks, because like I told you in the beginning, I definitely drank them as well.  However, I’m interested in challenging those of you who drink them to wean yourself off of them, do not drink them for a while, and then try them again. I wonder if you would have the same experience I did and why you think that might happen.

So my question to you is this: Do you drink diet drinks or other drinks with artificial sweeteners? Why or why not?  Diane

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