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Diet Chef Manper Site/Review

Posted Nov 06 2012 5:11am

When you’re on a weight loss journey, one of the most important things is as well as getting exercise.  You have to watch the calories that you are consuming for some people, this can be a pain.

Even though modern food labelling is meant to be straightforward. Some people still find it confusing or don’t even read the labels.

This is where sites like Diet Chef have taken care of that for you. So you don’t have to do worry about counting calories anymore, as well as nutrition, this is taken into account.  So it as simple as joining up with the site, ordering your food and then using the tools provided to track your progress.

They have a forum so there’s so a community of people, all with the same goals as yourself which all helps. They have a Facebook page so you can look at their tips and suggestions. So what I’m going to be doing over the next few days is choosing foods which Diet Chef sent me.  So I can do an review of how I get on with the food over a seven-day period.

This will give anybody who sees this review an idea of whether it would be suitable for them. So on each day I will be documenting what I’m eating for breakfast, lunch and tea. As well, as any snacks I consume while on the plan. Which will be provided by Diet Chef. This will avoid any confusion.

On my first day I had for breakfast porridge with vanilla and banana this was a 40g serving I had this with some skimmed milk.  I never had porridge with banana and vanilla before so it made a change calories in the packet of porridge were 158 calories.

To complement this, I had a fruit and oat cookie and a chocolate, soft cookie. About mid-morning I had a snack as I still felt a bit peckish.  For my snacks I had a packet of cheese and onion flavour bakes and some sweet chilli oat bites these combined had a calorie value of 206 calories.

Everything I had for my breakfast today, which is Monday, I really enjoyed.  The porridge was certainly different snack bars tasted great as well as did the crisp snacks. I had and after eating all of it. I felt satisfied and didn’t feel the need to eat anything else until lunchtime.

For my lunch. I had chunky vegetable soup. This is 114 calories per pack. I had it with a couple of slices of bread. It was delicious and the right amount of food for me to cook this it takes three minutes in a microwave oven and for me that was more than long enough.

Because this comes in a packet . All you need to do is cut the corner off and pour it out. For my evening meal I had chicken tikka masala. This was in a packet which you shake for 10 seconds and cook in the microwave for 3 minutes as far as packaged food is concerned, to me, this tasted delicious. It had small chunks of chicken in and the sauce was delicious. This contained 120 calories.To complement this, I had some salted popcorn calories 107,  which is a snack and a fruit and oat cookie calories 439.


For my breakfast I had cinnamon and Apple porridge.  This was 150 calories mid-morning I had a pack of cheese and onion flavour bakes calories, 105 and a blackcurrant and raspberry oat bar 390 calories, as well as a vanilla flavoured milkshake, which is classed as a meal replacement.  For my lunch.  I had smoked bacon and  bean soup.  Another winner with me.  It tasted great.  Later in the afternoon I had another pack of cheese and onion flavour bakes calories, 105 and another blackcurrant and raspberry oat bar 390 calories.

For Dinner I had macaroni cheese calories, 273 and a chocolate milkshake calories, 210.  This concludes everything on this day.


For my breakfast I had vanilla and banana porridge calories, 158 calories.  For a mid-morning snack.  I had the following a chocolate soft cookie calories 180 and some sweet chilli oat bites calories, 101.  For lunch, I had a ham and sweet corn chowder, which is a soup calories, 165.


For dinner I had sausages in onion gravy.  This was delicious and the soup was delicious.  I felt satisfied after eating my lunch and dinner.  Although at times, I had something later, as I felt a bit peckish so in the evening I had some salted popcorn.  This is 107 calories and a vanilla milkshake, 216 calories.

I also had a pack of dark chocolate chip oat biscuits, calories 90 and some sweet chilli oats bites calories, 101.  This concludes everything that I had on Wednesday.


For my breakfast I had porridge oats calories, 157 for my lunch.  I had chicken jalfrezi calories, 285.  I enjoyed eating this it had chickpeas in with chicken and tomatoes.  And for dinner I had spicy tomato beef soup calories, 144 I also had a blackcurrant and raspberry oak bar calories, 100-ish.  Snacks I had were cheese and calories, 105 and a fruit and oat soft cookie calories 90-ish.  This concludes what I had today.


For my breakfast I had porridge with Apple and cinnamon calories, 150.  For my lunch.  I had vegetarian korma, which is a light curry containing soya pieces calories, 282 for a snack.  Later I had cheese and onion flavour bakes calories, 105 and some fruit and spice oat biscuits, calories, 80 to 90-ish.

For dinner I had oxtail soup with bread and later I had some potato chips with meat, this was not part of the diet chef regime.  I just felt the need for something else to eat.  This concludes what I had today.


For my breakfast I had crunchy bran muesli calories, 164 for my lunch.  I had spicy tomato and beef soup calories, 144 for dinner I had beef goulash.  This is beef stew with tomatoes, peppers and paprika calories, 216 snacks I had were salted popcorn 107 calories.

Just so you know you can complement what you eat whilst on the diet chef program so having someone fruit and vegetables to bulk up your calorie quota is fine, just as long as you don’t overdo it.


For my breakfast I had luxury muesli calories, 166 for my lunch.  I had ham and sweet corn chowder, which is a soup made with sweet corn and ham calories, 165 for dinner I had minced beef hotpot in gravy with carrots, swede and peas with sliced potatoes calories, 254.  For snacks.  I had cheese and onion flavour bakes calories, 105 and an oat bar with blackcurrant and raspberry calories, 40 to 50-ish.

This concludes what I had on this day.  My overall experience with diet chef  has been positive.  I’ve enjoyed the food and lost some weight in the process.  And just to reiterate what I said earlier on, you are encouraged to supplement what you eat on the program with other foods such as fruit and vegetables.

The reason I have written my review like it is so you can get an idea of a typical day on the program and every individual is different.  If you would like to try the program yourself or read more about it.  Their website is at

They do have a broad range of foods and the ones I chose to eat were only a small selection of what they have, to offer.  So there is something for everybody, no matter what your food tastes are like.











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