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Diet and Health Depend Largely On Healthy Job Count

Posted Dec 13 2008 10:09pm

Diet and exercise can help reduce the risk of degenerative diseases like heart disease and stroke, diabetes and cancer. Juice Plus+ - learn why eating fruits and vegetables is especially important, and how you can benefit from adding Juice Plus+® to your diet. Juice Plus+® is the most thoroughly researched nutritional product in history.

While it is a part of a healthy life to have a job, be productive, and serve a purpose, it is also a part of keeping health insurance for many people. While just having a job doesn't in any way guarantee good health, it may provide the coverage for those unexpected conditions or serious illnesses that may arise that can cost in the thousands. Here is what is happening with job rates down in relation to health care coverage (NYTimes) --

ASHLAND, Ohio — As jobless numbers reach levels not seen in 25 years, another crisis is unfolding for millions of people who lost their health insurance along with their jobs, joining the ranks of the uninsured.

The crisis is on display here. Starla D. Darling, 27, was pregnant when she learned that her insurance coverage was about to end. She rushed to the hospital, took a medication to induce labor and then had an emergency Caesarean section, in the hope that her Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan would pay for the delivery.

Wendy R. Carter, 41, who recently lost her job and her health benefits, is struggling to pay $12,942 in bills for a partial hysterectomy at a local hospital. Her daughter, Betsy A. Carter, 19, has pain in her lower right jaw, where a wisdom tooth is growing in. But she has not seen a dentist because she has no health insurance. Read more...


Juice Plus

Juice Plus+ is made by juicing 17 different fruits and vegetables into a vitamin supplement all in a capsule form. The mixture of different sources like and apples and many other fruits are all good. Even the combination of vegetables like kale really adds to the potentcy. First the juice is squeezed out of the fruits and vegetables. Then the mix is dried, so what's left are a healthy mix of nutrients without the water and sugar - all from a variety of sources. You know, with a dried mix, the nutrients you are left with is what goes into a Juice Plus+ Capsule. Many people are looking at grapefruit juice as an option - there even was a diet with the same name. But get what some say is a juice powder - that is, what's left when the sugar and water are removed through a drying process, then you have only healthy nutrients. Do you know the juices from which the fruit juice plus blend is made? Apples, oranges, pineapples, cranberries, peaches, cherries, and papaya juice - and that's just the fruit juices! Add the vegetables with carrots, parsley, beets, kale, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, and tomato and you've got the vegetable juice plus product, that is a healthy product that supports your health! It helps you get nutrients you need. When I have fresh fruits and vegetables, I feel good, but I don't always get enough. So the only one way to add more fruits and vegetables is to add more nutrition to my diet plan, weight loss plan, diet.


If you are interested in any meal plan, Medifast is one worth considering. We have started recommending Medifast 5 and 1 plan starting with a small group at a time. The weight loss results have been fantastic. Like our Weight loss plan that is a doctor approved diet plan, this is a healthy choice. A diet and weight loss plan that is endorsed by healthy dieters around the world, you can always lose weight, but are you doing it the healthy way?

Juice Plus Vitamin

With this supplement, many say it is a concentrated fruit juice powder or vegetable powder, referring to the final Juice Plus+ product that is put into a capsule.You can also use Medifast to support your diet plans. Their meals are good for this purpose. Oprah's doctor knows that a diet is temporary but a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet plan in place, well, that is for good. Even Juice plus+ is made from the juice from an orange and many other fruit juices, that gives it a lot of nutrition when a cup of results and lemon is added - that doesn't make sense! Add fountain water without some breville and juice fountain, although if you had a tablespoon of the fruit juice powder, then adding more juice can be a convenient way to get nutrients but more convenient when it's in a capsule. (that may not make sense either!) You may have read a juice plus review that is similar to acai juice plus. When I can't have those healthy and fresh products, I use juice plus vitamin, and juice nsa plus is a way to get it. If you are a distributor juice plus, then the gummies juice plus is juice plus supplement to look into. The juice plus scam that we see does not hold much credence - just a bitter old man that has nothing better to do with his time, but it is a problem.

Medifast Diet

If you are interested in any meal plan, Medifast is one worth considering. We have started recommending Medifast 5 and 1 plan starting with a small group at a time. The weight loss results have been fantastic. The Vice Busting Diet Plans couple with Medifast really provides the tools and motivation to reach an optimal weight. Add Juice Plus+ as well and you have stirred up what will put you into a healthy and fit lifestyle. Note: Breville fountain juice plus is not one of the things that is available, but a complete juice plus line can be found at There is another common product by Breville -it's a fountain of juice products that have health benefits. If you have a complaint with juice plus, then any distributor for juice nsa plus can help you. Juice noni plus is not something you can find when you try to buy juice plus. Every single ingredient juice plus has fiber juice plus and can be found in the capsules. Don't get ebay juice plus because you can't be sure of the quality. You may use to find inc juice nsa plus for you diet, but don't expect to use a breville fountain. If you look for the capsules or the pills - don't be confused it's not a Diet Plans, be sure to consider thins, the vineyard, and even the gummy. There is dog juice plus and gummy juice plus, too. Use juice plus for any pregnancy as a perfect alternative to most vitamins on the market. There is a juice plus study, actually many that validate the quality and effectiveness of the nutrition. Juice Plus+ is made by juicing 17 different fruits and vegetables, then with a cup of vitamins and a tablespoon of apples, you get a healthy Medifast start. Try using the meal plan, and when you go to the Medifast site, you can order 5 weeks at the price of 4. Or, order Medifast al a carte and try a few items before jumping in. We like to use the Oatmeals, Soups, Shakes, Bars, and some of the snacks. When you start with a juice, and then you add another, you get a healthy combination. Juice plus is made with an orange, a lot of orange juice, that gives it a lot of nutrition when a cup of results and lemon is added. Also, there are many diet plans out there, but the one that most people agree is the best is a The Vice Busting Diet Plans. If you have used a plan endorsed by doctors such as Dr Oz, then you know the right diet plans are healthy, and if followed will lead to a permanent healthy and fit lifestyle! Follow The Vice Busting Diet Plans, I know I'm going to be healthy, but sometimes we just don't get enough. Use Juicepls for adding more nutrition to your diet plans.

COMMENT: While having a job does not provide good health, it does have an effect on a families health. The need for proper child care and pediatric visits can be compromised without the money for a visit or for the coverage. But one thing to note here - having a job for the purpose of having benefits should not be the reason one searches for a J-O-B. Doing what you love to do and doing it well, while making healthy choices that include a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, does not require having an employer. The idea of universal health care is a flawed one and more so if the unemployment rate grows. People should not be rewarded when out of work while those who are working are penalized. That's backwards. This author doesn't believe in universal health care, but instead promoting the idea that health is in the hands of each individual. Most of the health problems can be solved with a healthy diet. This point can be argued but until the majority of the population gets off their butts and start working out, exercising, eating healthy, and giving up all the crap that contributes to the detriment of their health, then we'll just never know for sure (even though we do know on a small scale that this is true!).

So take responsibility for your health. And if you don't have a job and you are on a tight budget, stick to eating only those things that are providing good nutrition - fruits, vegetables, drink water, good sources of protein. You may just find that your mind, your energy level, and your overall health improves and good things start to happen for you with your financial growth.

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