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Posted by Cristina D.

Whether we like it or not December is here...

and with it my b-day (Dec 5), Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Thankfully our plans don't include over indulging on any of the ocassions but there is a lot of temptation around...

I've got a microwave so now i can cook a lot of veggies! YEY no more struggeling to do them right on the stove, I can do them in 4 min in the MW:) WOooHooo

Initially my b-day goal was 125.6 lbs/57 kg

On Dec 1 i weighed in at 123.7 lbs/56.1 kg

So WooHoo I will weigh in on Dec 5 as well

I try not to weigh in daily though and try not to stress over the normal fluctuations...guess this is a big step before maintenance huh?

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Great job in reaching your goal weight, and then getting under it, before your birthday! I have the same temptations as you will this December with birthday and holiday celebrations, so you'll be an inspiration for me as those festive days approach. Congratulations and keep up the good work!
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