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Dear Happier and Healthier Ashley

Posted Jul 25 2013 7:00am

Last week when I met with Rebecca she challenged me to write a letter to my happier and healthier self.  When I sat down to write this letter I had no idea what would end up on paper.  Being able to write freely and to think about where I’ve been and how I would feel after reaching my goals was an emotional and eye opening experience…

A letter to myself

Dear Ashley,

You’ve done it! You’ve reached a place where you are happy and healthy!  Although the journey continues, I am so happy that you’ve reached a place where you have a healthy relationship with food, are at peace with your body, and are so passionate about your fitness.  It has been a long road, with plenty of highs and lots of lows, but remember that every step along the way has helped you to get to this point.  Don’t ever forget your past! You must always remember…

Remember how you felt as an overweight child.  Remember the tears that streamed down your face when you had to run the mile in middle school.  Remember every time you tried out for the cheerleading team and never made it because of your weight.  Remember how you felt in the 9th grade when you struggled to make friends.  Remember how amazing it felt to become the Texas state powerlifting champion but how discouraged you were to be classified as a super heavy weight.  Remember being a division I discus and hammer thrower.  Remember graduating from college and weighing 261 pounds.  Remember all of the diets and how restricted you felt.  Remember how great it felt to lose 50 pounds but then to gain some of it back.  Remember how your husband’s siblings made fun of you and never thought you’d reach this place. Remember starting your blog.  Remember the struggle that came from sitting at the same weight for 2 years and having to share that with readers.  Remember trying out for the DC Divas and how life changing your rookie season was.  Remember meeting with Rebecca for the first time and how eyeopening that was!  Remember fighting day in and day out to break your unhealthy habits.  Remember how it felt to reach where you are today!  Remember Ashley! Remember!

Moving forward I hope that you love your life and enjoy each and every moment.  I hope that you continue to share your life on your blog and help motivate others to reach their goals.  I hope that you teach your kids to have a healthy relationship with food and to take risks athletically.  I hope that through think and thin, good and bad, you maintain the healthy habits you have today.  And in the end, Ashley, I hope you are proud!!  Be proud Ashley.  Be proud of who you are.


Your Former Self

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