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Dead Legs, but still KICKIN!

Posted Jan 27 2012 1:21pm

I absolutely refuse to do legs tomorrow. HAHA! They are D E A D. Deader than dead. Checked out. Bloodless. Expired. Bought the farm. Resting in peace.

Kickboxing today. Yup, I made it to class. I gotta admit, I debated it. I woke up with huge bags under my eyes and felt like I'd slept on a rock. Oh wait, my daughter slept with me last night and she's a kicker/acrobat. That explains everything. I finally got up around 2am and took her to her own bed. She was back at 6am. When the alarm went off, I thought to myself
"Sleep? or Kickboxing?.... just 10 more minutes. 
Ohhh this bed feels pretty good, think I'll just skip out on it today.
My body is tired.
Oh, but what if Lori notices that I'm not there? Dang! Accountability!  Yup, I'm up and I'M GOING to kickboxing! First, coffee."
Once I got my butt outta bed and stretched out while I drank my coffee, I was good to go! Class started and I was pretty certain she was out to kill us today though! Holy freaking cow. She put a bit of EVERYTHING all balled up into that one 45 min class. Talk about get it done and get out! Complete and total sweat factory. BURN BABY BURN! I like it that way though! Super stoked that I got my butt outta bed and hit it hard this morning! 
Time: 45 min Cal burn: 858 cal 
I got home and took a shower immediately. Total and utter stench. 
Today was weigh in Friday. A week of maintaining, but I can SEE changes. Muscle definition, less flab in places.. It's ALL good. It's been a rough week with some personal issues, but I'm hanging in there  :)

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