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Day Twelve.. Making good choices even under pressure

Posted Sep 16 2010 11:34pm
Today was grocery day, combine that with tired me and period me = possible disaster.. BUT today it equaled a very strong me and a nice dinner and being within calories for the day.

I went to the supermarket, looked hard for an OK treat and just couldn't allow myself to be over for the day. (Must add normally on fridays I have some chocolate of some form) I am not tonight.. Don't want to open the door for a rocky weekend and be back where I was last weigh day all for a little bit of food. I have worked my wee butt off this week and I want to be "on track" for a whole week. (notice how I did not say "good" as I believe there is no good and bad.. its about choices, you chose to or you chose not to, but those choices are neither good or bad, they may have a positive or negative effect, but they are not "good" or "bad" as I am over those words with passion). So this weekend starts on a good note. I had the yummiest chicken salad for dinner and now I am enjoying a nice strawberry and mango herbal tea. I will have a ww mini ice cream for pudding ( I always have pudding I stay on track better this way).

So me period is gonna throw my weigh in this week. I don't mind, it will show next week I will just have to wait for it. I am going to start tracking the gains day to day over this time and see.. is it what I am eating.. or is it just what I am going to have to deal with each 2 weeks for now ( and hopefully monthly sooner rather than later). Life seems to be making the last 20 kilos as hard as possible at times, BUT I know I can do this, I know I can get there.. just like the 10K, I can do it... I CAN. ** You are only as strong as you think you are**

I am looking forward to my next measurements being done.. should probably check when that is too!
*** wonders off *** 0o0o its next weekend.... 0o0o0o I soo can not wait.. I really can't.. that gives me another week to smash some more weight off.. heheh YAY !!!

I am a little sore from yesterday so I have had a rest day (PT also said too), tomorrow will see hills on the treadmill, just walking though to give my body a little longer rest then.. Sunday is a PT session and we will see what that brings hehe.. run or weights :)
ohh and sunday is weigh day...
Food has been ok had 3 cookies today but I counted them as best I could and we keep going !!! Water 2 litres, we are on track see you tomorrow.

Hope you all are good
Lou I am not racing this weekend thank god.
Jill was outside, hate running on treadmill.
Vic xox
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