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DAY TWELVE: Because I *heart* you AND you *rate* w/me... enter to win a HEART RATE MONITOR!

Posted Jun 19 2010 12:04am
You must think I have the most horrible children in the world. And... well... there are moments that I do. But MOST of the time, my kids are pretty fun. (Not including the image on the left. This is Corbin in a mid-tantrum scream. Sweet angel.) Today we've hit the road and are visiting the Oregon coast & nothing brings the BEST out in children like a road trip... RIGHT? 

Since we were in the car all day, I didn't get to work out LIKE I WOULD HAVE LIKED TO. And I have already consumed a cup of clam chowder & some beer battered halibut. But that's another post. 

TODAY I'm giving away a Polar FS2C Heart Rate Monitor!
Monitoring your heart rate when exercising is SO FREAKING IMPORTANT. Cardio is 70-80% of maximal heart rate for your age -or- MHR. To find your own MHR, take 220, minus your age, then multiply that by .7 (for the low end) and then multiply that same number, again, by .8 to get the high number.
For example... I am 38 years old. (gasp!) So 220 - 38 = 182 x .7 = 127 (this would be the low end of where my heart rate should be) and 182 x .8 = 145. 

If I stay in the heart rate range of 127 - 145, my body is burning the calories from the food I eat. If I go over that heart rate range, I run the risk of going into anaerobic exercise WHICH MEANS... I'm burning muscle instead of burning fat. And seeing that my purpose in riding those machines for an hour each day is to lose FAT, losing muscle (which helps me BURN fat) sucks. The beauty of this is that you can exercise at a lower rate, without killing yourself at the gym & being sore the next day, and you'll lose weight and feel GREAT.
Honestly, this blog should be the best news you've had all day.

Now... IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ENTER THIS CONTEST... here's what I'd like for you to do -  - on the comments section, using the equation I posted above, please post YOUR ideal cardio heart rate range. (don't forget- your computer DOES have a calculator on it!)

* Entries for this give-away will be accepted through midnight, Pacific time, June 20th, 2010.
*Please only enter once per give-away.
*The winner will be announced on Monday's blog

THANKS for entering & I'll see YOU tomorrow!

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