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Day Thirty Three .. admitting I have a problem...

Posted Oct 07 2010 6:28pm
So after talking to my partner and a good friend, I have to admit I have a problem and it was starting to spiral out of control. I was weighing myself 7- 8 times a day and then doing drastic things like not eating for the rest of the day etc. It was getting out of control and very very unhealthy. It was effecting me mentally and I was obsessing about weight gains/losses on a daily basis and not looking at the over all picture and well it has been killing me inside, I have been upset emotional and out of control. This is NOT ok this is not the normalness I was looking for, it is insane... and well far far from the "healthy" person I was wanting to be..

So what to do now... I have talked to my partner.. and my friend...
The scales are being removed from my house. I am going to g back to weight watchers, back to points and follow their program and go back to meetings and follow this program. It worked for me.. It was ok.. and now, to just do it.. bring on Monday... ( I'll need to borrow $20 bucks from me partner haha).

Vic xox
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