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Day Thirty .. heart rate monitors, bikes and GHD's

Posted Oct 04 2010 9:28pm
My GHD's died the a week ago sad I can tell you, but do I want to replace them, at $300 dollars I am not sure... That is a lot of money for something I use every now and then ( I used to use them every days for about 3 years, and in Feb this year decided that I loved my hair curly and in its natural state)...

I really want a bike, I have wanted one for over a year.. I love biking have done so since I as a kid. I also like the idea of having another thing I can "do" for exercise and for enjoyment. There is a bike I want its $550 bucks.. soo yeah another thing that may have to wait a little longer.

I was watching the Australian Biggest Loser this morning and the had one, heart rate monitor / calorie counter/ distance counter watches on.. Now I did not realise you could get a watch that doe all three... soo now I want one of these as well.. umm they cosy over $150 bucks.. so maybe no anytime soon.

So there are things I want, they all have uses, but as I am a little broke atm ( I consolidated all my debt and I am paying it off at a huge rate to get rid of it) I will have to wait.. and save up for these things.. so I will..
Not winging just telling ya all about my wee day, as I spent it looking at these things.

I also had a coffee with one of my dearest friends who I love to bits and we had a wonder around and I didn't buy anything just looked, for a dress for the wedding and at a few books.. was nice... !!!

Vic xox
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