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Day Six .. big run and dinner guests..

Posted Sep 11 2010 2:55am
Today saw myself and my PT go for a run together, I was stoked we run at about the same pace and had a great time, she is just a sweetie. We are running she is like it must be 6 kms max, me knowing my runs times was sure it was closer to 7 kms.. but thought she knew better, so I was a little pissed at the time as it was a long time for not such a great distance. Got home and mapped it, 7.1 kms in about 46 ish mins ( I forgot to turn my watch on at the start think we were about 2 mins in) .

Day went well until tea time.. we had take aways as we had visitors, and I have had 2 small wines and some bread as well. So today has been a little over food wise I think, thats with eating all my 750 cals from my run as well as my normal days ones.

Its ok, its one day. Will weigh in and see what it comes out as. In the end its just a number that can be altered by what I ate today. If its really bad it is really bad.. I will take it move on to Monday and see what happens then. I know my body reacts badly to booze and over eating, it panics and holds fluid.

Onwards and downwards.. as we go...

Vic xox
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