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Day after day after day after day

Posted Jul 20 2010 6:14am
On my last serious go-around with weight-loss I read book after book after book. Somehow hoping, the answer to weight loss was somewhere between those pages. Books on diet- yes I've read the South Beach, the Zone, Eat Right for your Type, the Mayo Clinic Diet, the Mediterranean Diet, French Women Don't get Fat and on and on and on. I read nutrition books. Maybe if I took the exactly right combination of pills- the pounds would just melt off. Weight training books. Books on running, walking, sliding. Every single books I could get my hands on. (All while on the treadmill, I swear)

Do you know what I learned from all that reading? People get paid a whole lotta money for writing a book about losing weight. No matter how bizarre-people will pay.

Diet books are the worst. No matter how complex your particular diet is- they all boil down to the same basic components.

1. Give up sugar and flour
2. Eat as pure as you can- raw veggies and fruits and nuts are best
3. Eat protein at every meal
4. Eat a small amount of healthy fat
5. Take a multi-vitamin
6. Drink Water

There done. Simple. Of course no one will pay me lots of money for this advice but really. The diet- that's the easy part.

The emotional, the physical, the mental game. A whole different ballgame. I read a weight-lifting book once (almost 12 years ago) and this passage has stuck with me the entire time. Paraphrasing here-  a younger man man (Arnold Schwarzenegger, maybe??) is in the gym and spies an old man working out on the free weights. The older man is crazy in shape- cut, buffed. Enough so the younger man was seriously impressed. The young man walks up to the old man and says wow- you're totally ripped. How long did it take you? "78 years," the old man growls.

I know- I know I butcher that story but you get the point. There's no end game to weight-loss, to training, to dieting, to exercise. You don't reach a point and then you're done. There's no finale. You don't reach your ideal weight and then never have to do anything ever again. No finish line. No top of the mountain.

Weight-loss (and all of it's cousins) are an every day forever event. Every single day. Forever.

Being the pain in the ass I am- I fight this realization. I fight it everyday. People who don't have my certain set of circumstances (DNA, body type etc.) often say you can have a cheat day or this piece of dessert. Really- no, no I can't. Do I? Sure. If I didn't, I wouldn't be writing this blog. I'd be that smug jerk on the Oprah's couch selling you my book and telling you just how easy it is if you follow my plan exactly.

I fight this idea because part of me doesn't want to do this everyday for the rest of my life. The rebellious teenager deep inside doesn't want to believe this is the answer.

Take the right actions every single day. Eat right, exercise, water, vitamin.

Sounds simple, huh?
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