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Day 8

Posted Jan 27 2010 9:11am
Daily Stats
Pounds down: -8 lbs.
Pounds to go: +22 lbs.

Daily Supplements
One A Day Women's Active Mind & Body Multivitamin
1000 mg Omega-3 Fish Oil
Digestive Enzymes (w/every meal)

I went to the gym this morning at 7:30 a.m. The more that each day passes, I'm feeling more energized and motivated to contiuously go to the gym. Though, I will admit, there are a few days where I'm like, Crap, I don't want to go.

The past week I noticed a very good looking man at the gym. He looks like he's around my age, somewhere in his mid-20's, brown hair, great shape -- You can tell he really takes care of himself. That was the first thing that I noticed about him. It wasn't until I saw him walking around that I noticed he only had one leg. The other, a prosthetic.

I've seen him working out and he's so strong, so motivated, that it motivates me even more. It's not the fact that he's lifting a ton of weight, or the fact that he's consistently there every morning, but it's the fact that he seems so determined to stay in shape, despite his missing limb.

Trust me, I've tried making excuses NOT to get up and get my butt to the gym. Then I think about this guy and I'm like, Alright, if he can get up and go, I certainly don't have a reason not to.
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