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Day 8

Posted Jul 29 2008 12:00am
The doctors appointment went fairly well. There were no abnormalities... HALLELUJAH!

On the other hand, he asked that I get some blood tests done. He thinks my hormones may be off a little. He also wanted to check my insulin levels and my thyroid. Normaly I would be fine with all this but this time we have NO insurance. I asked him how much I was looking at here. The office called the lab and got a quote. $615. I about died. I took my orders and made my way to the front of the office to pay for my visit. The lady had me sign a paper and then said 'Thank You'... What? Wait! I need to pay you. The lady looked at the paper work and said that it was taken care of. The doctor had written of the office visit fee of $150... I LOVE HIM!

So, I now have the job of trying to find 1) an insurance we can afford or 2) an extra $615 lying around. I think I will have better luck with the thousands of insurance company's. The problem is... its going to cost us just as much for the insurance.. what is the use? really?

I had a great Tang Soo Do class last night. We worked on some combinations and then I got to spar! Some of the ladies in the class were real competition, but I managed to land some good hits on each one. My kicks were definitely on last night. I did get one bad hit and that was a block to my spinning back hook kick. She stuck her elbow out to block it and I caught it right in my calf. It was a frogger from hell. I could hardly walk on it when I got home. This morning I can put weight on it fine.. its just sore.

So the doctor gave me some advice that he wanted me to stick to until we get my blood tests back. He said I need to stick to a low carb diabetic diet... I found this website that will help me! He said I should do a little bit of Atkins mixed with a little bit of South Beach... sounds easy enough.

I have a run scheduled for today... but I'm going to have to do it tonight while Hubby is in class. I have a LOT of laundry to catch up on and the girls room is in dire need of cleaning.

See you tomorrow!
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