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Day 75... To be a fighter you have to live like a fighter.

Posted Oct 19 2010 6:28am
Hanging around the gym I have rubbed elbows with a lot of professional fighters. The way they train for hours a day is amazing... and inspirational.  What shocked me was what they do outside of the gym. Their training does not stop at the door on the way out. Which might be my problem.

I had an 'Ah-Ha' moment last night after my boxing class. I was washing my hands after class like I always do (because the smell that comes out of those boxing gloves are disgusting and I can't go a second longer after taking them off to wash my hands) and overheard a conversation between two of the pro lady fighters. It was about nutrition. One was giving advice to the other. The other took out her notebook and started pointing to what I later discovered was her food journal. You see, even though she has the perfect body and looks amazing.. .she, too, has to track every piece of food. Her training carries out into the parking lot, into her car and  followers her for the rest of the day. 

Not only do they push themselves for hours a day in the gym.... but they stay strong and in training for every second of the day.  This blew my mind... and in some ways shattered my dream of reaching goal and then being able to just let it all go. (come on now, you know that was your dream too)

I'm not really sure what I expected a fighters life to be like... but my guess was they worked out hours a day in the gym and then went home and lived a regular life. In some ways they do... if you think weighing your food, counting calories, counting water oz and sticking to a strict schedule is 'normal'. I may actually believe now that NOBODY was ever just 'born' with it. 

So... in order to have the body of a fighter I have to live a life of a fighter. This mentality is something that could really help me. Its the mental part that I've always had a problem with, but to have the reason behind the insanity may just help me get through it all and achieve a goal. 

Today I sat down and planned out my food for the day. I made sure I stayed in my calorie zone of 1500... then I went back and double checked that I was getting the right percentage of carbs/protein/fat. I had to do a little tweaking here and there (exchanging eggs at lunch for more protein in tuna fish), but I ended up with the perfect food plan for today. I have my gallon jug of water that I plan on drinking and exceeding... especially if I plan on going to boxing class again tonight. 

This mornings weight was 181.4.... so I'm feeling good about getting back into the 170's by next weigh in....

To be a fighter, you have to live like a fighter.  <----- this may be my new mantra 
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