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Day 7

Posted Jan 26 2010 7:25am
Daily Stats
Pounds down: -8 lbs.
Pounds to go: +22 lbs.

Daily Supplements
One A Day Women's Active Mind & Body Multivitamin
1000 mg Omega-3 Fish Oil
Digestive Enzymes (w/every meal)

I am getting ready to go to the gym and am feeling great! Every since I started my daily routine back at the gym last week, I feel a little more accomplished each day. Prior to last week, I hadn't been going as much as I should. Yes, I have managed to maintain the weight that I lost a few years ago (for the most part), but after not going to the gym as much as I wanted or should have been going, I saw that my body was starting to get -- soft.

I read an article in February's Shape a few days ago and it really got me starting to think about my current situation. The writer started her article off by saying, "Men should come with a nutrition label..." I was instantly drawn to the article and continued. She talked about how when she was younger, she had a boyfriend who lived a very sedentary lifestyle, as compared to her active lifestyle. She said that she was really into him, though, and soon her Monday's weren't spent in yoga class anymore, they were spent watching football (or whatever related sport which was on TV that night) and eating junk food.

Her boyfriend's diet consisted of Chinese food, burgers, and lots and lots of take-out. Before she knew it, she'd put on 15 lbs. (Ack!) Eventually her boyfriend began puting her down a lot and making her feel bad. She wasn't happy in her relationship, so she decided to cut him out of her life before things got worse. In the end, she ended up getting back into running, meeting the man that she was going to marry, and losing that extra pudge that she'd put on from the diet destroying boyfriend.

I'm mentioning this article because I found myself in the same situation, not too long ago. Roughly for the past two years I was dating someone who was a "diet destroyer." He didn't have much motivation to go to the gym, despite my influence for him to get a gym membership. Down the road he became a little more controlling and would get mad at me for going to the gym, accusing me of flirting with other men while I was there (which I didn't do), and pizza, onion rings, and burritos were slowly creeping their way into my diet. Before I knew it I, Laura, the Fitness Chick herself, had put on 15 lbs.

I moved out of the condo, where he still lives, last month. It was a difficult and very emotional decision that I had to make. Despite our arguments and his unhealthy lifestyle, I still loved him, but I had to leave for myself. Just from being back home at good 'ol mom and dad's for the past few weeks, everyone has noticed a positive change in my outlook. I'm happier, I'm glowing, and I'm going to the gym daily! In addition, I've lost 8 lbs. so far.

The lesson that I'm learning is that the person who I eventually end up with (yes, I still have hope that there is someone out there for me) has to compliment my lifestyle and vice versa. I'd like to meet someone who exercises daily and doesn't consider eating "healthy" a salad covered in bleu cheese dressing, bacon, and fried croutons or broccoli smothered in cheddar cheese, lol. I'm excited, so let's see where this new chapter in my life will take me.
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