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Day 52: From THIS to THAT

Posted Jul 29 2010 12:14am
... did you know 52 is my lucky number? Just a little Amy Trivia for you...

How did I go from this ------------------------------->

A wonderful vacation with friends, camping, exploring, and swimming...


a kitchen full of fruit flies? I mean, a few days ago life was so good... so picturesque... And then I come home to these boogers. I believe it has something to do with the old bananas I left in the house before we left town. The bananas I should have thrown away... but I forgot...

So now I'm surrounded by these little guys. I'm trying to kill them. I really am. And I've bleached everything. I've set up kill traps like the one in the photograph. I'm pretty sure that one way or another, I'll beat them.

But for now, they are the fly in my ointment. No pun intended.

Since getting home, Monday night, I've been playing catch-up. It's amazing how far behind I can get after 10 days of vacation. But it was worth it, fruit files and all. I'll be back to my "normal routine" tomorrow. (May I say that I can't FREAKING WAIT for the kids to be back in school so that I can get back to a REAL routine?) And for the record, I have determined that it is completely impossible to watch what you eat while on vacation. Don't even try it. (and don't tell my husband I gave you that advice. I'll deny it.)

I owe you a giveaway... tune in tomorrow! And if you have any additional tips on killing fruit flies, feel free to post them here! I'm all ears. And flies.

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