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Day 45: I totally blame the shoes. Yup... it's the shoes' fault. (and a SUMMER GIVEAWAY)

Posted Jul 21 2010 10:56pm
You don't really want to hear about my vacation, do you? Okay... I'll give you the Readers Digest version
My darling husband, the fantastic Dr. Eric Hempel , never takes time off from work. Unless the "time off" includes going to a CME course somewhere so that he can vacation while learning about metabolic syndrome/nutrition/doctor stuff. (yawn.) So I decided a couple of months ago to BLOCK him off of the schedule. No CME courses... no work obligations... just a week off with the family doing family stuff.

Last year I convinced Eric that we needed to buy a boat. He wanted a camper/trailer but I wanted a boat so we ended up with the boat. This year we bought the camper trailer. We took our maiden voyage and headed to the Oregon coast. I thought we had reserved a place that had wi-fi but I was wrong... Sorry, Internet. And you'd think that time without distractions would be a good thing for the Hempels however we wilt, wither, and fade if we can't have our stock reports or websites. (I'll let you decided who looks at what.)

I am married to a man who is almost always correct. I used to argue with him and try to prove my point but in the end, I'd find out that his idea/opinion/thought was right and I was wrong. It's the price I pay for being married to the smartest person I know. I accept it. And after being married 13 years, I've learned to (this is hard to say) listen to him. As we were packing for our trip, he asked me what shoes I was taking. Well, my FitFlops  , of course, because they were comfortable and matched all of my outfits. ONE pair. Minimal packing. Easy. Eric said "you're not going to be able to hike or bike in those" and I said "I'll be FINE." Should have listened...

When we got to the coast and I started climbing around on the rocks, I quickly realized that my FitFlops weren't very stable. They shifted and were hard to maneuver in. I lost my confidence and my drive to be...


This is where the trouble began.

See, when my shoes weren't working for me... I had an excuse. I couldn't go hiking because I didn't have the right shoes. I couldn't ride my bike because my shoes were too loose and it would be too cumbersome. And when you go to the Oregon coast, there's a lot of clam chowder. And the fish and chips... WOW. And while we're out to dinner, let's have a dessert because WE'RE ON VACATION AND ALL, right??

Do you see where I'm going with this...

And being married to the man I am married to... he offered to buy me a new pair of shoes. (I believe he could see how badly I was tanking.) We went to the Nike store and as I stood in the aisle with hundreds of pairs of Nike tennis shoes staring at me from floor to ceiling I said "I just can't justify buying another pair of athletic shoes. I have three pairs at home. Now, where did you want to get lunch?" Yes... yes, it was that bad.

Now we're home. And I have not gotten on the scale but I can tell that I gained a couple few pounds. Dang it. I bought and paid for those pounds. And I ate my way right to them. And really... they didn't bring me that much joy. Each meal made me feel guilty because I knew I was making bad choices. And then I was down on myself and my confidence was gone and I would see my reflection in the shop windows and I didn't see myself as a work in progress but more as a chubby chick with a hot husband. And I began to dig myself deeper... and deeper... and deeper... (I know none of you can relate, right?)

But listen, I forgive myself. I'm wearing my naughtiness around my waist and I've seen the light. It's all about being prepared. I didn't think things through. When we know better we do better. This weekend we're heading to Lake Shasta to meet up with some med school friends and we're taking a lot of protein drinks, water, healthy foods, and tennis shoes. Maybe 2 pairs.

One thing I've found that I like to eat in the summer (and really all year round) is shish kabobs. You can load them up with all kinds of healthy/yummy meats, fruits, and vegetables. They look fancy and they taste GREAT. When you cook on the grill, you don't heat up the house which is a TOTAL bonus. I want you to eat shish kabobs, too. And since I can't come over to your place to make them for you, I'm going to have to give you the proper tools to make your own. Today I'm giving away one Weber 1520 Propane Gas Grill. I chose this giftie because it's something you can use at home OR at the Oregon coast. (and if you take it to the coast, let me know & I'll meet you over there.)

I'm also including a set of four Outset Stainless Steel skewers to the winner because I only have the bamboo sticks. And I forget to soak them in water so they catch on fire while I'm grilling & I get all mad at myself. If I had the stainless steel ones, I wouldn't have that problem now, would I?

If you would like to be entered to win the Weber gas grill along with the Outset skewers, please answer the following question in this post's comments section
How do YOU stay motivated towards your weight loss/fitness goals while you're on vacation? 

I will accept entries for this contest through midnight, July 25th, 2010. The winner will be announced on Monday, July 26th, 2010. Only one entry per person... The winner is responsible for claiming their prize by emailing me at Meaning: I won't come hunt you down unless you have a bowl of clam chowder and some fish and chips tied around your neck. Wait... I gave that bad stuff up. Just email me if you win. Is that so hard?

I'll be posting tomorrow (Thursday) and then I'm off to Shasta. I'll probably post Friday, too, since I ditched you last week. See? I really DO care!

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