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DAY 43: …sneezy, coughy, yucky…

Posted Mar 09 2010 10:51am


WEIGHT: 233 (-5 lbs., -32  lbs.Total)

WAIST: 35” (-.5”, -6” Total)

FAT %: 29% (-1%, -4% Total)


(Written next day based on my notes)


Dog shit.

That’s how my morning started.

Dog shit.

A hysterical Hubby tapped me awake after only 6 hours of sleep…and  frantically told me that the dogs had pooped everywhere.

He wasn’t kidding. It was a LOT of dog shit.


So I vacuumed and scooped, he steam cleaned, and the moment I could, I fell back into bed  for another hour…I need my sleep because this morning is my new training session with Mr. Trainer.

And before I knew it, there I was: With Mr. Trainer. I brought along my food journal, progress chart and workout for his review. He was VERY impressed with my 5 lb. weight loss this last week.

I am happy with the weight loss too…it could have been more, it also could have EASILY been less….so, yea! But for HIM to be impressed with it…that changes my perspective.

Mr. Trainer explained to me that the 5 lbs. was of pure fat. Based on how I’m exercising, and looking at what I’m eating he was like, “Yup. That’s REAL weight loss! Good job Jayson!”

Mr. Trainer ran me through an hour tune up, and gave me a bunch of different exercises to do…I didn’t write them down, he didn’t want me to, he was just getting to know my body again. I really pushed, and he was impressed with my attitude (if not my aptitude.)

He WAS impressed with my “perma-hover” sit up that I talked about yesterday though…=)

Mr. Trainers final recommendations:

  • Continue on to the second workout he gave me
  • Cut it down to only 4 days
  • Do 2 days where I exaggerate the workout “light” with a lot of reps
  • Do 2 days where I exaggerate the workout “heavy” with only 4-6 reps

That’s gonna be killer, but it’ll be fun to shake my body up a bit!

Also, before I left his gym, I met the new manager of the building, and made marketing plans to come back on Saturday for a breakfast event the building is having! I didn’t know that my office was SO close to the building! Wow! I’ll be milking THAT opportunity!

I had a regular client come into my new office for the first time, for her massage, and she loved it! I LOVE my regular clients…it’s really like a friendship, except without the messy expectations. Anyway….Mwah! Money and camaraderie!

After the appointment I sat down and wrote up the blog from yesterday, and then swung by the spa to pick up my very own key, so I’m never locked out again.

The key is BRIGHT teal with palm trees and an orange sunset on it!

Mr. Opportunity said he picked out the colorful key to match my energy, and he thought I’d like it! =) Awwww……that made my day!

Even though I was coughing and hacking and all phlegm-ified during my workout with Mr. Trainer, he said I should still come swim tonight with his triathlon  group….ooookkkaaayyyy….

I’m back up to 1600 calories! No more 1400 a day because of some binge! Food is good right now. I feel great about it.

And as the day progressed, I really got more sneezy, coughy, yucky….I’m wheezing with every single breath….ick! How am I going to go to “Top of the Park” again on Friday?

I’m going to HAVE to wear a coat, hat, gloves, etc….how will people see my shirt? I guess I’ll just have to be doubly outgoing since I don’t have a shirt to make me look official or to help advertise me. =(

Hey Dreads, wanna come along?

But in the good column, I whipped out a photo shoot in my bathroom today, and now I have a new headshot for my GLT ad! I actually have two to choose from (out of over 300!)

My poor little bathroom was SO crowded with crap everywhere!

  • Butcher paper taped up to the shower curtain for my back drop
  • 4 different lamps from upstairs, the living room and the bedroom all with covers off, bent over chairs, tied to robe hooks and otherwise positioned so that they were leaning down only 2 feet from where my face would be
  • Hubby’s music stand where I’d set the camera with the automatic timer piled between all the lights
  • Powder spilled all over the counter with the rest of my make up supplies…because of this shot being in black and white, and because of all the heavy lighting, I had on a TON of makeup! I looked like a clown…until I saw the actual pictures, and then I looked normal.

It took me an hour and a half to set up the room, another hour of shooting, and then Billy called, and I had him come up and take some more shots.

But it was worth it, because I got two shots that work! That’s the important thing! It was all worth it to have relatively good quality shots without paying someone $2-300 bucks!

Here are the two I need to choose from (they’ll be cropped, of course):


The moment the photo shoot was over, I RACED to the Triathlon swim training. And it was COLD! The first thing I did was to get into the bathroom, out of the night air, and scrub my face…I still had on all of my clown makeup. The next thing I did was to hack up a lung which caused the other swimmers alarm.

“Are you sure you should be swimming?” was the gist of their comments.

But the water was WARM (compared to the air)…it was practically hot actually! And it was an Olympic sized pool! Wow! That thing is big!

A coach gave me some drills to work on, which I generally hated, they were hard! He told me I swim flat, and I’m not twisting like I should be….why twist if you don’t have to? Seems silly to me, but he’s the coach. Hmm….

But overall, I had a really good workout, and I was the last one out of the pool. Mr. Trainer said I looked pretty good too.

Oh….but it had been so long since I’d gone swimming, my Speedo had two problems that I didn’t realize:

  • The string to tie it was missing!        
  • It’s too big! It’s falling off of me! =)

So, I grabbed one hip, and tied it up in a little ball, like when girls tie their shirts up and look really slutty….as if Speedos weren’t all ready gay enough!

I got home, and proceeded to die the rest of the night. (Oh, and clean up the bathroom before Hubby had a coronary.)

The entire night, all through my sleep and even this moment as I’m typing at 10a the next morning, every single breath has a push and a wheeze in it…it’s like I’m only getting sicker. I’m thoroughly clogged, and dizzy and just all over bad.

Well, time to whip out the heavier meds I guess. I gotta get over this ickiness.

Thanks for stopping by!


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