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DAY 34: SHAME!!!!!

Posted Feb 28 2010 12:00am


(Editor Admission: Written next day from my notes)

This morning was nice…I woke up two minutes before my alarm went off, and I felt pretty darn good. A good nights sleep is a wonderful thing!

I immediately started getting ready for the gym, because it’s the last day this week that I have to do both Cardio & Weights!

Hubby is all ready awake and in the living room watching TV, and I tell him I’ll be back in one hour, forty five minutes (approximately).

He says, “Um…No. We have lunch with the Karaoke Gang (Accurate alias for my in-laws) at noon, and it’s a 90 minute drive!”

Hmm…..well, the bad part of the situation was that I felt really scared and lazy and awful that I can’t get my gym workout in during the morning! I have ALWAYS got my workouts in during the morning for the entire past month! The morning is when I have enough energy!

The good part of the situation is that it proved that as uncomfortable as it is, my workout is flexible around the rest of my life, and it gave my Hubby a chance to rise to the occasion.

At first he didn’t understand why I was so upset over “just a workout”, but when I explained that these workouts represented my commitment to myself to do whatever it takes, every single morning, for my health….then he became a lot more sensitive.

Hubby said that it’s just like church. He’s a “Silly Filly”, so he goes to church every single Sunday, no matter what. But this one time we were on vacation on Catalina Island…and the last ferry left before he could get to it…and the one church on the island was closed after 9am…he checked.

Hubby said that he definitely goes to church every single Sunday; it’s VERY important to him…but that God understands when he gets trapped on an island! That helped me to think about my workout a little bit differently, and to not feel so guilty for having to postpone it.

So, the Karaoke Gang lives in Orange County…it was a long trip in the rain…and we hydroplaned left and right…it was a little bit stressful…but the dogs were snoring in the back seat, they didn’t care.

That got me thinking about kids….I’d be a really good parent…I can’t wait! =)

Anyway…we finally got to the Karaoke Gang’s Hideout, and Hubby immediately dove into the Cantonese Chinese Buffet that was on the table! EVERY holiday, no matter what the occasion, (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Graduations, Funerals…et al.), the Karaoke Gang orders Chinese take out!

Weird…and Greasy!

And while Hubby was shoving in the fried noodles, fried fish, fried chicken and white bread, I pulled out my brown rice and cottage cheese, and my apple/orange slices.

The Karaoke Gang used to eye me with suspicion that I would bring my vegetarian food, or my calorie counted food….now they just roll their eyes and sigh….”Are you SURE you don’t want any wok fried seafood??”

They think I’m insane. =(

Cultural differences….

Here are some examples:


  • Vegetarianism
  • Direct communication
  • Secularism
  • Achieving your dreams!


  • Fried meat salad
  • Gossiping through your children
  • Bringing SHAME to the family if you don’t measure up to their standards!


Um….yeah…..not saying that the way he was raised excuses ALL of Hubby’s faults…but because I know his parents, Hubby does get a few “Get out of Jail Free” cards…”

And let’s just say that the Karaoke Gang were the sweetest, loveliest and most accepting parents in the whooolle wiiide world when Hubby brought ME home for the first time! (cough)…

I should probably start an entirely new blog about this….(grumble, grumble…)

Moving on!

Hubby’s older brother, “Shiva”, was there…along with his husband, “Parvati.” (“Shiva” has repeatedly referred to himself as “Shiva, the God of destruction!” So, that’s his alias on my blog. And Parvati is the name of that Gods wife, historically)

Don’t ask me why Hubby’s brother wants to be evil…but he seems to have always played the role of scapegoat in his family dynamic; whereas Hubby plays the role of the “Perfect or Hero Child” in the family.

Click these links for more archetypes (this was REALLY helpful understanding Hubby, btw):

TMI, I know..sorry.

But Parvati is a really nice guy, and we always have a lot of fun talking, and gossiping, and being our gay little selves over in the corner discussing fashion, music & how long it’s going to take the Filipinos to get over us…

But the BEST part of the visit came when I said, “Enough is enough! I got Cardio and the Gym to do, and I’m going to take care of myself…RIGHT NOW!”

So, I changed into my jogging shorts, hooked up a certain hyperventilating terrier and OFF we went!

It was a new neighborhood, and I remember at the start of this blog talking about how you can work out wherever you are if you’re committed enough to be a little bit strange!

Thirty minutes later I came bursting back in the door, sweaty, smelly, disgusting & GLOWING! Leo was Exhausted too! We discovered some really nice neighborhoods! Anyway, I ran upstairs, asked for a towel, and hopped in the shower!

The odd looks continued from the Karaoke Gang until we left…but I consider the trip a HUGE success!

Oh, and Hubby had one more really helpful suggestion: There is an LA Fitness about a mile from the Karaoke Gang’s Hideout! Next time, I’ll just head over there for all of my running, lifting and showering needs!

It will do THREE things:

That sounds like a Win, Win, Win situation to me!

The whole rest of the night was just about driving home in the rain, and then having to go to the gym for my weight workout…and as expected, it was harder to workout in the afternoon than it is in the morning.

But here’s something that made my workout even HARDER than usual! When I first started my workout it was 715p…my workout (as you know) is always about an hour…but the gym CLOSES at 8p on the weekends! Ahh!!

And you know what? I DID IT! I cut off 20 MINUTES from my workout; a THIRD of the time! I did it in 40 minutes FLAT!

Do you have any idea how hard that was?!?!? O-M-G…I PUSHED!

There were NO breaks in between any sets…I just kept going and going and going….not perfectly, not ideally…but at the same time, I wasn’t sloppy, and I still had decent form…

With all the pushing, and the rushing…it was like 40 minutes of the hardest cardio I’ve ever felt! The lactic acid that built up in my body was BURNING the entire time, and I was sweating as if it were my first workout ever!

Talk about raising the intensity! I was DRENCHED!

And then for the rest of the night…I was GOD! AARRRGGHH!!! =P

I had a great dinner, played some Sims 2 (Fun game!), and got to bed on time! I like sleeping at the end of a long, hard day! Sunday morning is all about seeing “Valentine’s Day”, the new Gary Marshall movie…it looks good!


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