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Day 33: Cardo vs. Weight Training... Cardio with Weight Training... can't we all just get along?

Posted Jul 10 2010 12:12am

This is a topic I've wanted to post about for a while... I've had the topic and questions on my mind... but I think I'm afraid of the answer.

I like cardio. I've got it down. I
can truck along on the elliptical like a freaking CHAMP. I watch my heart rate, I know I'm burning calories, I'm sweating, I'm WORKING OUT. I can text/read/chat/Tweet/Facebook/make a grocery list/knit a baby blanket/solve the oil crisis ... all while I'm on the elliptical.

Let's just put it on the table... it's easy for me.

Now I have all of these sassy friends who are telling me that I need to work out on the weights with them.

Fear: If I work out with weights, I won't get an hour of cardio in. I won't keep my heart rate at a certain level for a certain amount of time.

I would be giving up control and, in my mind, measurable success. I realize that I can complete an hour of cardio and then go to the weights... but do I want to work out for 2 hours a day? (fat, lazy person speaking, here.)

I have worked out with a personal trainer in the past. A wonderful trainer... However, I have found when the cardio is taken away from me & I'm "scheduled" to meet someone at a certain time to use the weight machines that I don't like, my enthusiasm for the gym FLIES out the door and I STOP GOING.

So there's the question: When do you start introducing weight training into your workout routine? And what's your "mix"? Do you have certain days you work out with weights? Do you do weights and cardio together, in the same session? AM I OVER THINKING THIS?! (did I mention I hate weight training...) I can't wait to hear what you have to say!!
Today was a good day. The kids and I ran errands, dropped off the dry cleaning, went to the gym, and went to the pool. Today's "outside of the box" activity was bicycling with Corbin! I just got our bikes out of the shop last week and Corbin was THRILLED to go for a ride with Mommy. We explored the neighborhood and then, when we got home, Corbin had his OWN "outside of the box" experience... We've had this "kid attachment" that goes on the back of my bike for a year or more and Corbin has always been afraid of it. Today, he said he was READY. Eric attached it to my bike and off we went! I look forward to going on a bike ride, as a family, soon.

Something about a bike... it certainly takes you back to being a kid again, doesn't it? The wind in your hair... noticing how green the lawns are as you ride by... a little kid saying "mommy, wait up!" It's good stuff...

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