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Day 116: Yellow Submarine

Posted May 28 2010 8:20pm

So we sailed on to the sun,
’til we found the sea green.
And we lived beneath the waves,
In our yellow submarine.

I went scuba diving today. And it was amazing. I had forgotten how much I miss being in the ocean, fully submerged, fully immersed in a whole other world. The ocean is a beautiful place, full of life, energy, and power. There’s so many species of fish, algae, invertebrates, sharks, and there’s STILL so many things we don’t know about it.

Scuba diving is such a relaxing activity. Yeah, carrying your gear in and out of the water, getting into a ridiculously tight wetsuit, and breathing out of a regulator can all be uncomfortable in the beginning. You will feel like you’re out of your element, but after you start letting go of what you’re accustomed to and begin embracing the underwater world, it becomes amazingly beautiful.

It was my first time diving in cold water. I have only dived in tropical waters before today, particularly in Thailand. I got certified on Koh Tao , which is a super popular and cheap place to do your open water and advanced diving certifications.

Diving opened my eyes to something completely new and unfamiliar, to a world that I thought I’d never find. When I dive, I feel like I’m a submarine, a visitor traveling to a foreign land and fully immersing myself in it. Diving is my happy place. It is my natural high.

I am extremely lucky.

Some people will dive a few thousand dives and never see a whale shark . I saw one on my fourth dive. Because I was doing my underwater photography adventure dive, I also had a camera with me and was able to capture this shot.

On today’s dive, we saw a shark, either a blue shark or a mako shark . We also saw a guitarfish , an octopus, a huge crab, a few starfish, lots of kelp, and plenty of garibaldi.

Scuba diving teaches you to respect the planet, to appreciate everything nature has to offer because it makes you realize how small and insignificant you are compared to everything else. There’s a much bigger picture at play here, and you are only a small, small part of it.

I love the ocean.
I love the water.
I love exploring.

I think everyone should try scuba diving at least once. If you don’t like it, fine, but it’s highly probable that you will fall in love and become addicted.

I can’t wait to transform into a submarine again.


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Workout: Rest.

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