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Day 1: To the dump, to the dump, to the dump-dump-DUMP!

Posted Jun 07 2010 3:04pm
DAY one of the 100-day CHALLENGE! I hit the gym this morning and completed 1 hour of cardio. I was surprised when I read some of the comments people had left about exercise... it seems some of you don't feel you could complete an hour of cardio. How much exercise do you do, when you work out?

I started out doing a half of an hour of treadmill or elliptical when I began exercising. Then, Dr. Hempel told me completing 40 minutes of cardio increases your muscle turn over, over the next 19 hours. Increasing muscle turn over means you're burning more calories... not a bad thing for an additional 10 minutes, right? But by the time you get to 40 minutes... why not go ahead and complete an hour and OWN THE GYM. And at one hour, the machines tell you it's time to "COOL DOWN" and who knows more than the digital displays on the work out machines... I mean, who am I to question THAT?

After the gym, it was time to complete my PERSONAL CHALLENGE for the day. Let me start by saying: I am a Southern Woman. I was born and raised in the south and there are certain things I will do and won't do. For example- if you are over the age of 70, I will still say "yes ma'am" to you, out of respect. However, I have never, in my 38 years of life, mowed a lawn or taken a trip to the dump. These are sweaty tasks assigned to my father or my husband in no particular order. Out of principle, I will continue to hold to my stance of NEVER MOWING A LAWN. I haven't done it in 38 years... why start now? However... today.... for the first time... I WENT TO THE DUMP.
I'm GREAT about loading all kinds of garbage into Eric's truck and allowing him to drive around, looking like an employee from Sanford and Sons. And since Dr. Hempel has a full-time job and works about 80 hours a week, he doesn't always have time to drop by the dump. I went on a "spring cleaning binge" last weekend and filled the Chevy to the rim with broken water hoses, old plant containers, bent window screens, a broken desk... typical Hempel discards. And as the week went on, I could tell that Dr. Hempel wasn't finding the time to get rid of the junk and I was starting to feel bad for him, having to drive the junk back and forth to work.

Yesterday, I proudly announced to Eric "I'm going to the dump tomorrow so I'll need your truck." He was on his way through the room and stopped... thought for a second... and said "would you like some instruction before heading off to the dump or do you want to do this on your own?" Instructions? Me? No.... I can handle this!

So today I took three children to the dump. When I checked in at the gate, I said "this is my first time! Do I get Frisbee? A tee shirt?" The man thought he had a sucker but when he returned to the window, he was all out. Sad. I pulled up to the correct landfill area, slid on my WORK GLOVES, pulled myself into the back of the truck, and went to work. There was something liberating about taking the things you can no longer use and casting them, without abandon, into the abyss. We're always taught NOT to throw things out of the vehicle and if you drop something, pick it up... NOT THIS TIME, BABY! I was hurling boards & garbage bags with all of my might. I was standing in the back of a pick-up truck, AT THE DUMP, with no husband in sight. I am a SOUTHERN WOMAN AT THE DUMP, hear me roar!

After our successful dump experience, the kids and I headed over to the Frosty Spoon for frozen yogurt. (32 calories per serving...!) Today, the GOOD news is, I proved to myself that I can complete a task I have always reserved for the men in my life. The bad news is... now Eric knows I am capable of running one of HIS errands. I should have thought this through..... I'll be back tomorrow!

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