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Datecation Day #3: BBQ, House Envy, Gelato, and Firefly Vodka

Posted Jun 24 2010 10:05am

Last night may have just been the most perfect date night!

First, Eric took me out to dinner to Goode Co. Texas Bar-B-Q. (Their spelling, not mine.) I ordered the beef brisket with jalapeno cheese bread, Texas baked beans, and coleslaw…

…and a Shiner, a local Texas beer.

And yes, that’s a glimpse of him in the background of the beer picture. I need to get some good pics but I just feel so lame taking those, “Here’s us in the car! Here’s us at Bed, Bath, and Beyond!” pictures. It just never feels natural, you know? But I’ll try to get over that feeling at some point since I know that a good number of you are already attempting to Facebook stalk him. (When I mentioned this yesterday, he just said, “You can post pics, but you should know that my wife reads your blog.”)

Anyway, dinner was really good and super low-key. We ate outside on the long wooden picnic tables. And despite the fact that I was tempting fate by wearing a white T-shirt, I actually didn’t spill a drop!

I had told Eric a few weeks ago about some new tea vodka I was reading about and he said I needed to try Firefly , which is a sweet tea-flavored vodka. It sounded like an awesome lazy day drunken Southern mess to me, so I said to count me in! We stopped after dinner to get a huge bottle of it. After that, I asked him to show me some of the most expensive houses in Houston. I love doing this when I get to a new city! I just love looking at pretty things! And I love hearing about how much real estate costs and just wondering, What on earth do you do to afford a place like that? And it was really the perfect time of night to go for a little house-envy joy ride (just before sunset) so that’s what we did.

The houses were ridiculous. And I’m just still completely obsessed with the palm trees everywhere.

I was also really in the mood for dessert but I could not put my finger on what I wanted. I knew I wanted something cold and creamy and fluffy, but ice cream didn’t seem right. I wracked my brain for a good 15 minutes when all of a sudden it dawned on me: gelato! Soooo…we made a detour to Paciugo.

I love, love, love gelato, and, like palm trees, to me, gelato always goes hand and hand with vacation. It was exactly what I needed. Despite the fact that I get overwhelmed with a lot of options in places like this I made my choice really quickly: half black pepper and olive oil gelato and half violet chocolate chip.

Um, WHAT?!?!?

I love black pepper (and that this gelato is the same flavor as my favorite Triscuits is not lost on me) and this was just perfect and weird and amazing. The violet chocolate chip was great too! We were trying to figure out exactly what it tasted like when finally Eric nailed it. You know those Valentine’s Day sweetheart candies? It tasted just like a purple one…except better, because it’s gelato.

We ate outside and did some people watching/mocking…ugh, that plus gelato, you guys…it doesn’t get much better for me!

After the treat, we broke out the Firefly.

Loved this! It tastes just like iced tea, which I love in the summer. Eric mixed it with lemonade and a little Sprite and it was such a good summer drink! It was really sweet though, so I could only finish one…probably not a bad thing. It was a school night after all.

Ahhh…it was just one of those really good summer nights with good weather, good food, and good activities! Today the weather is kinda gross and I don’t feel that great, so I think we might have a chill night and go see Toy Story 3. I read in the NY Times that people our age made up 40 percent of the “nonfamily audience” because we grew up with Woody, Buzz, and company. I thought that was cute…and it’s so true!

So on that note, I’m off! Hope you’re having great Thursdays!

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