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Datecation 2.0: Hot Wings and Hot Tub Time Machine

Posted Jul 16 2010 6:56am

Good morning! Happy Summer Friday to you all!

So yesterday, Eric and I realized we’d been neglecting one BHN : sleep! We agreed to make it a Blockbuster night and a set bedtime so that we would have plenty of energy for a great weekend.

Our chill night started with a chill two-hour chat about very important topics, that really kept going back to how much I hate sharks. (Fucking prehistoric sea monsters if you ask me.) Then we got rolling on dinner: Healthy Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas from my girl Sophie at Yumventures!

Sophie also had the recipe for Caesar Turkey Burgers that I made on my last trip here. I love all her recipes and this quesadilla remix did not disappoint. Using pre-cooked chicken and Frank’s Hot Wing sauce made it so easy. I made the filling and then Eric manned the grilling (because that’s what men do, right?) while I sauteed some green beans in butter. It was way too hot to think about cooking an elaborate meal, but this still definitely felt like a “real” dinner. After dinner we sipped on tequila sunrises and then it was time for our Blockbuster night.

Enter…“Hot Tub Time Machine.”


I have actually been wanting to see this movie since it was in theaters. I mean, it looked so stupid, but I felt like it was hiding a heart of gold under that ridiculous title. And…I was right! Seriously, we both laughed out loud through this entire movie. It’s totally good ridiculous; not as funny as “The Hangover,” but it’s up there. I actually feel compelled to watch it again.

After the movie, we totally delayed sleep to make a snack: banana soft serve from Gena at Choosing Raw . Gena says the recipe will change your life, and she is right. All you do is put frozen bananas in the blender and let them go. I had been telling Eric about it, so we decided to make it as another gelato alternative. I haven’t had it in a while but it was as good as I remember. We topped it with a crushed Graham cracker and some melted chocolate and it was pretty damn good.

I’m currently in my favorite spot: chilling with a bunch of white dudes in polo shirts who come to this Panera on Friday mornings. I love them; they are just so Southern and so white. This morning they are discussing golf and booze. And today they’ve taken an interest in me and offered me pastries, checked out my laptop, and asked me all about social media. We’re having a grand old time.

I feel like it’s going to be a great day and I’m so excited for the weekend! Have a great one!

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