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Dana Carpender Joins The CarbSmart Team With Weekly Low-Carb Columns And Recipes

Posted May 06 2009 2:58pm

As only Dana Carpender can do, she proves low-carb isn’t dead

Any cursory mention of the people who have been instrumental in continuing to promote the low-carb community over the past few years brings up one name that just about everyone reading this will know about– Dana Carpender ! Everyone’s favorite bestselling low-carb cookbook author with some outstanding recipes for anyone who is livin’ la vida low-carb, Dana is now about a year and a half removed from quitting her nationally-syndicated newspaper column over differences regarding her editor’s decision to remove “low-carb” as the focus of her writings. I was disappointed at the time, but you gotta admire Dana for sticking to her low-carb guns and refusing to kowtow to public pressure for her just talk about calories. Apparently they don’t know Dana Carpender too well!

Well, I’m pleased to inform you that Dana is back writing again and this time it’s with one of the leading low-carb retailers in America– CarbSmart! Owner Andrew DiMino and Dana Carpender have been friends for the past ten years and it only made sense for them to join forces working together to serve the low-carb community with information and products for their healthy lifestyle. Dana has been tasked with writing weekly columns for CarbSmart and the first one is now online entitled “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

Referring to the media accounts that low-carb is dead, Dana blows that notion out of the water with an acerbic wit and charm that is undeniably her own:

“I confess to dark thoughts more becoming a tin-foil-hat conspiracy theorist. There are just so many people and so many industries who have very good reasons to want low carb to go away. The food processing industry, the soft drink manufacturers, the drug companies, all would lose vast amounts of money if everybody stopped eating sugary, starchy garbage. And those three industries represent a huge whack of the money spent on the advertising that supports the media, creating another industry with a vested interest.

And of course there are millions of doctors, registered dieticians, and other health professionals who have spent a decade or three telling people that the road to health and wellness lies through restricting fat and cholesterol, shunning red meat, and chowing down on whole grains. It has to be hard to face the dawning realization that you might have been making people sicker all these years.”

Be sure to read the entire column at CarbSmart. Future columns from Dana will include FREE low-carb recipes, more tips and ideas about how to incorporate low-carb living into your life, and all sorts of fun and fabulous surprises for those of us who prefer to limit our carbohydrate consumption to manage our weight and health. And rumor has it that Dana is helping CarbSmart develop some new and exciting low-carb food products that I’m sure you’re gonna want to get your hands on! More on that coming soon.

Pick up autographed copies of all of Dana Carpender’s books on sale right now at CarbSmart! Kudos to CarbSmart for adding Dana to their lineup and we look forward to seeing more from her in the years to come. And I just got word from Dana that she will be writing the foreword of my new book and will be joining us again next year on the 2010 Low-Carb Cruise to the Bahamas! WOO HOO!

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