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Daily Report #151

Posted Feb 22 2012 11:17am
I didn't post last night.  Too tired and worn out from a major issue with one of the websites I work on.  My beloved three weeks off in March are now probably up in smoke since the website is down.  I was hoping to finish it this weekend so that I can go off to the beach for a couple of days with a friend, free from any website burdens.  But now....

Anyway, back to the report.

Breakfast:  red grapefruit with some agave nectar, blueberry/banana/chia seed/spinach/yogurt smoothie, whole wheat toast with butter (I actually ended up having another slice)
When we make smoothies, I pretty much just throw in whatever we have around.  But I always use bananas.  Bananas, whether fresh or frozen (do that when they get over ripe and no on wants to eat them), always add a desirable texture and sweetness.  Sometimes I end up needing to add some agave nectar if there is not enough sweetness from the banana.

Mid Morning Snack:  Luna bar--White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
Lunch:  Chicken Cordon Bleu Stromboli, squash and onions, apple slices
I tried out some Jarlsberg Lite Swiss cheese yesterday in this Stromboli experiment.  It was pretty good and rated high on the kid scale.  Also a success....frozen yellow squash.  I saw it in the store and thought I'd give it a try.  I was surprised at how good it tasted.

Dinner:  Olive Garden salad and breadsticks (2) and Chicken & Gnocchi soup (not pictured, but only 250 cals and it was SO good)
I have to say that I'm still plagued by stress eating as well as sleeping problems.  I did eat probably 3 tablespoons of chocolate chips during the day.  Not horrible, but I don't want to make it a habit (since it only increases in frequency and amount when it becomes a habit).

Proud to say that, although I did not get in my Cardio/Core workout yesterday, I did go for a 2.7 mile walk while the kids were in church last night.  I booked!  Went as fast as I could while listening to fun music that I love.

Can I just vent here for a second?  I am so tired of looking for good workout playlist music online, only to get to someone's recommendations and find that I DON'T KNOW WHO ANY OF THE ARTISTS ARE! Not to mention the fact that the song titles sound like something I would not feel comfortable listening to.  I guess part of this is me being "old" (the not recognizing the artists part) and part of it is that we just don't listen to inappropriate music in our home.  Makes finding a blood-pumping playlist hard to come by.

Well, that was yesterday.  Didn't ever get a shower.  But got a workout in.  AND did NOT eat fattening pasta/cream sauce at Olive Garden (even though that is my favorite thing to eat there).  Score!

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