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Daily Report #141 and MBWL Challenge Day 11 & Saturday Scoop #

Posted Feb 11 2012 8:40pm

Today was that day for me.

I've been trying to reorganize/dejunk our pantry for a LONG time.  I started it a couple of weeks ago, but I have only been able to work on it piecemeal since then.  Too many other demands have left me eyeing that messy pantry longingly, but feeling too guilty about other responsibilities to finish the job.  (Now, before you think I'm making a big deal over some little pantry, I should let you know that before we added on to our house, this pantry was our master bedroom.)

This morning I put on my workout clothes, fully intent on doing the full, hour-long Fit Moms for Life video which would have rounded out my goal of doing it 3x this week.  But at some point amidst the plastic containers, food storage cans, and game reorganizing, I came to the realization that this was my workout for the day.

I lifted dozens of heavy #10 cans full of wheat and beans and oats (oh my!), relocating them to a different shelf.  I climbed our sturdy shelves, relying on my core and arm strength to hold me there while I stretched to find what mysteries awaited me on the uppermost shelves.  I bent, turned, lifted, cleaned, and sorted until the job was mostly done.

And I'm so glad I did this instead of "exercising".

Doesn't look like it could've been a master bedroom right?  Well, it was a small one.  The built-in shelving that I designed takes up quite a bit of space.  Hey, you can see the beginnings of my meal-planning system above the desk.
You can see my cake decorating drawer unit, and our main pantry shelving (for the usuals).
Some of our deeper, heavy-duty shelving.  I moved all our games to this room because they are easier to access.
Looking back toward the door, lots of small appliances, and extra serving platters and dishes towards the right.
Ah, one of the kids wanders in during my photo shoot!  Another view of the main, everyday type pantry shelving.  Cookbooks are in their own little nook there by the window...four shelves worth!
My pride and joy....lovely, rolling shelves for canned goods...they're built at an angle so the cans roll forward.  I load the shelves from the back.
Ah.  That feels good.  You have no idea what a relief it is to have this area be clean and straight.  I am a very visual person, and I soak in the chaos of clutter like a sponge.  You'd think I'd be a neat freak all the time, but I am actually quite sloppy by nature.  So it takes a conscious, deliberate effort for me to maintain order. But order is so juicy!

Now, on to my food for the day.  I woke up late, so breakfast was really at mid morning.

Yuck.  What's up with the flash?  Anyway, breakfast......a bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch.
Lunch:  Fage 0% yogurt, banana, natural PB, Nutella, and chia seeds
Afternoon snack:  Luna chocolate/coconut bar
Dinner:  a Lean Cuisine pizza (of which I only ate half) and my new favorite veggie dish---zucchini boats!  These are so amazing.  I could eat a whole plateful!  Recipe coming next week.
Dessert:  my new favorite treat...Lindor truffle bites, extra dark.  Each little bite has only 36 calories, and is way more satisfying  in my opinion than the larger Ghiradelli 60%  chocolate squares I had been using as my daily chocolate treat before (plus they have fewer calories per piece).  
My little office...that's a lovely handtowel over the window so the bugs won't sneak in at night when the light is on, a little Aragorn/Strider guarding the way; you can see my homemade photo light box on the right (cardboard box); the back half of the "closet" is my office....the front half is homeschooling shelves on either side.  I'm big into shelving if you hadn't already noticed.
As I sit here in my newly straightened office-closet-homeschool library, I am feeling a little disappointed that I haven't made any progress towards my Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge.  It's day 11, half-way through, and I have not lost even a portion of the four pounds I want to lose by day 21.  Weight loss lately (and I believe this is mostly due to stress) has become a mystery to me, an unreachable prize that I long for but don't seem to have the ability to attain.  Here's today's weigh-in

Weight:  +1.0 pounds (total loss at -4.4 pounds)

Mileage:  8 miles 

I realize I could try harder.  I could NOT have 2 little Lindor truffles after dinner.  I could exercise one hour every single day.  I could cut my calories to 1400 a day.  You know what?  No.  No, I could not.  Because I can't live like that.  I feel deprived and unhappy when I try that.  I want to lose weight slowly and steadily.  But I want to do it while eating clean 85% of the time.  And I do.  I want to workout a reasonable 3-4 hours total for the week.  And I do.  But the weight is not coming off.  

All I can do is keep trying.  And never give up.

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