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Daily Calorie Count—Why Can’t I Do What Counts?

Posted Aug 06 2011 5:53am

In general, consuming 500 calories less a day leads to a pound-a-week loss in weight. That’s 3500 calories less per week.

What makes eating fewer calories so hard is that snacks, desserts, and pizza now make up about 30 per cent of an American’s caloric intake. Just as dire is the trend that spending for food at home has decreased by 42 per cent since 1970, while the number of meals and snacks in all types of restaurants increased 150 to 200 per cent (from 1975 to 1995).

So you’re up against it. BUT—in life you always have choices to make. You can turn off the TV and read when there is nothing on that you really want to watch. Or you can watch mindlessly, or flip mindlessly through the channels until you find something you really don’t want to watch but end up watching. You can choose wisely when it comes to what you say to your child, what career moves you make, who you marry, how you deal with difficult family and friend issues.

The choices we make in life, just like food choices, are governed by who we are. When it comes to losing unwanted weight, it’s still calories that count, but it’s also a matter of your weight-loss psychology. Your own psychology for weight loss is what makes it possible for you to choose to eat fewer calories and stick to the regimen day after day until you’ve achieved your goal. Everyone knows this, but it’s much easier said than done.


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