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Cute Workout Clothes? Me? HA!

Posted Dec 11 2012 3:15pm

I loathe shopping for workout clothes. Lothe it.

Maybe it was the years of wearing hand me down sweats and wife beaters, but I just do not see the point in dropping bookoo bucks on something I’m going to get all sweaty and run in.

Here I am in 2008 wearing an old pair of Bermuda shorts and a white tee while running one of my first races

I believe that’s even a stain on my sleeve. Sad. I know.

I just never really thought about workout gear as being something I needed to worry too much about.

You find old sweats. You put them on. You move.

The equation is pretty simple.

Over the years I’ve gotten some great pieces as gifts – Remember this awesome set I my Sister-in-Law got me for my birthday?

And some companies have even reached – I still wear these Beyond Yoga pants!

But over all I still refuse spend the money required to stock my closet with cute workout gear. So when pv.body reached out, I wasn’t that interested. They deal in cute cute workout clothes and cute workout clothes are just not at the top of my priority list. Why would they be? I have enough options to get me through every season (I’ve worn the same 2 long sleeve UA tops the husband got me for Christmas last year on every cold run since) and my drawer is overloaded with old tees and tanks that serve me well.

So when I got on the phone with pv.body, I had them explain their service immediately. I didn’t want to waste my time potentially working with a brand that wasn’t a match for me or my blog.

Well, in that 5 minute conversation… I was sold.

Here’s how it works….

You fill out a short survery describing your workout habits.

pv.body review step 1

Where you like to workout.

pv.body review step 2

Your size, color preferences, style preferences, etc.

And then they send you a top and bottom monthly.

It’s like a workout clothes of the month club!

Actually, that’s exactly what it is.

Even this fashion inept girl got excited about the idea and I was ecstatic when my first little pink package came in the mail…

pv.body package

Inside was 2 pieces wrapped in tissue paper.

pv.body package inside

At first I was like, meh.

pv.body meh

The pants were tapered like skinny jeans and the top had a funny side pattern. Definitely 2 pieces I would not have even noticed in the store.

Then I put them on.

pv.body on


So I attempted to take a photo with the timer to show you.

pv.body take 1

Umm yea, let me try that again.

pv.body take 2


pv.body take 3

Come on now. I can do this.

pv.body take 4

ok, That will have to do. lol

Cute, no?

I was so inpsired I decided to do my #YogaADay pose.

Like I said, would have NEVER looked twice at these items in the store but I love them! The pants were amazingly comfortable and the top fit like a glove without being too tight and constrictive. Now, of course, every month’s clothes are going to be different so there’s no sense in me really reviewing these specific items but if they represent the caliber of clothes I’ll be getting, I’m impressed!

And I have to admit, I kind of like the idea of having cute workout clothes. When will I learn? Wearing nice clothes that fit always, ALWAYS, makes you look better then baggy old things that you think are hiding your body.

Ok, so here’s the details… pv.Body costs $49.95 montly. I know, I know, it’s sounds steep but when you consider how much a pair of good workout pants are, totally worth the value. I’ve joined their affiliate program which gives me a 20% off coupon to offer you. That makes the first monthly cost $39.96. Now that’s a real bargain! Even if you sign up, get 1 outfit and quit, it easily pays for itself.

If you are interested, use this link , and click on "Take the Quiz". That will set your preferences and you’ll get an idea of the types of clothes they are offering.

I know this service is becoming really popular among bloggers. Are any of you current members? What’s your thoughts?

I’m thinking I may review the pieces I get monthly. It will be fun, and give me incentive not to look like a slob every time I go to the gym which, unfortunately, is how I normally do look. I know. I know. The Husband makes fun of me all the time. I’m bad.

Full Disclosure: pv.body reached out to me and sent my outfit free of charge. I have joined their affiliate program which means I will make a % of each sale my site brings them via this link . All opinions expressed in the post are my own.

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