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Cupcakes for Dinner?

Posted Nov 15 2010 9:41am

Yep, you read that right - cupcakes for dinner.  And they were healthy!!

Update on my quest for healthy eating by my pre-teen son. 

This weekend I prepared a new dish and I had him help me.  We'd had an issue for breakfast earlier that morning so I wasn't sure how it would go.  He helped me mix everything together.  I milked the concept of pride of the chef - if he makes it he'll eat it.  It worked.  It was a delicious dish to begin with.  It included ground turkey and grated veggies.  I baked them in cupcake tin.  So, we had cupcakes for dinner! 

At first, he was so-so on the entire thing.  He slowly warmed up to eating it as he became more involved in preparing it.  We used a mini-loaf pan and the large 12 cupcake tin.  Here's the rating
Out of 12 cupcake
Husband:  Gave it a thumbs up - 12 out of 12 cupcake rating

Teen son:  Gave it a double thumbs up - 12 out of 12 cupcake rating

Pre-Teen:  Gave it a "This isn't bad, it is pretty good" - 10 out of 12 cupcake rating
(PB&J and pizza would get the max rating)

There were six cupcakes left over.  My teen son was getting them out to eat them.  (Do you know how much teenage boys eat?!!!  Unbelieveable.  My grocery bill is as much as our utility bill in the middle of winter!)  As teen son was heating them up eagerly to be able to enjoy them again, pre-teen son spoke up and wanted one saved for him.  After a bit of back and forth hassling, teen son had to give in and share one of his SIX after I gave him the "Mama Look"!!!  Awww, sweet success again.

I consider the cupcake dinner a success!  I will definitely prepare this dish again and make a few additions to it to make it even more fun. 

Slow but steady wins the race of healthy eating for my pre-teen picky eater. 

To be continued........

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