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Cruisin’ with Operation Beautiful

Posted Feb 02 2010 5:53am

What do you suppose happens when you give 14 women a stack of post it notes and a sharpie??  Operation Beautiful happens!!!! 

About 2 days before we left on the cruise I had a genius moment and decided to bring Operation Beautiful along.  I do not know why it had not crossed my mind sooner because it was the most perfect fit ever!  I have so many stories about it that I am not sure where to start or end.  For that reason I am just going to ramble and I hope you enjoy it :)

My Mom LaDaun and Sue

Day 1 before we went on the cruise in my hotel room with my Mom...

We were getting ready for the day and I noticed that every time my mom looked at herself in the mirror she would say something negative to her herself.  Now those of you who have met my mom know without a doubt she is beautiful.  Not to mention that she is my very best friend, a very smart business womanand a ton of fun to hang out with.  From my perspective I have never been able to understand why she cannot see how beautiful she is.  It just does not make sense.

I asked my mom to come and stand in front of the mirror and this is what happened...

Me- "Mom look at yourself and tell me 3 things you love about yourself."

Mom- "I can't there is nothing about myself I love."

Me- "Common mom I can think of a ton of things I love about you.  When I look at you I see who I am going to be 20 years from now."

Mom- "Ok I kinda like my hair and my fake finger nails."

Me- "You can change both of those things.  Name some things that you cannot change."

Mom- "I can't there is nothing else."

We stopped at this point because it would have gotten emotional to go any further.  It seriously broke my heart.  She really has no clue how beautiful she is.  At this moment is when I knew that Operation Beautiful was meant to come on the cruise with us.

The cruise...

At the meet and greet we all took a minute and introduced ourselves to one another.  My first thought wasWOW what a fantastic group of women.  I passed out binders that had the post it notes and some information.  On the top post it note I had written something for each person and I asked them to share what it read.  I explained the idea of Operation Beautiful and I was surprised that my mom shared the story of what had happened at the hotel.  We ended the meet and greet by looking at the person next to us and telling them that they are beautiful.  It was well... Beautiful!

I could have never imagined what happened.  I found notes in bathroomsin elevatorson tableson doorson waiters and I heard about it all over the ship.  It was very cool!  The level that our rooms were on was plastered with post it notes.  They were of course on all of our doors but they spread out onto so many others.    People started letting us know which rooms they were in (just incase) LOL.

One of the wonderful ladiesHelen really grasped the concept and wrote out 100 notes in 2 days!  She went all over the place and sometimes walked right up to people told them what she was doing and then gave them a note.  Always walking away leaving a smile and making someone's day brighter.   One day after Helen ran out of notes I was talking with 3 waitresses who told me about these ladies who made so many people happy and how we all need to realize how beautiful we are.  Yeahthat made me happy! 

The thought of what someone may have done when they found the notes is so exciting.  There were so many that we all have no idea but we know that it made someone smile and hopefully made them realize they are beautiful. 

My most favorite moments of Operation Beautiful were when I first got back from Cozumel and got off the elevator to walk to my room and came across this...

What was even better than that is that it was all the way down the hall!  Seriously the hall was full of people who were reading the notes. People would walk down the hall and stop door after door to read the notes.  They would smile and mention what a great idea it was.  I loved standing back and watch it all happen.   I turned around and ran down 6 levels to get Mo and Jenn so they could come and seeI was SOOOOO excited!

One beautiful lady came down the hall from reading them and mentioned how wonderful it all was.  So I did what any person would do...I stalked watched what room she was in and I left one on her door!  A while later she came up to me with tears in her eyes thanking me and hugged menot once but twice.  Then she took some of my post it notes to do it herself.  Can I just say AWESOME!

I loved this from Oveta on facebook-

Shannon Ray Lavery

Shannon Ray Lavery Hi there beautiful Oveta!

Oveta Harris
Hi ShannonYou are an inspiration! You helped us all feel better about ourselves. Keep up the good work! Oveta
Mission accomplished!

I have to many stories to tell but one thing I learned is that Operation Beautiful is not only for womenit works on men and children to.  Not only that it is more contagious than chicken pox!  I want to thank all of the wonderful women who went on the cruise for taking Operation Beautiful and sharing it.  Thanks to Caitlin for coming up with such a wonderful idea! 

If you have not gotten the Operation Beautiful bug yet...GET IT!  You will have a so much fun with it.  To see some of the pictures of the notes I found you can check them out HERE.

XO Shannon 







©2010 The Fabulous Fattie. All Rights Reserved.

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