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Cravings: Drive By ... Don't Drive Thru!

Posted Jun 09 2011 5:21pm
Every day I crave food. I recently came to the realization that it will NEVER change. Just because you start exercising and eating healthy doesn't make the foods you want any less tantalizing.
I have been working 4 x 10 hour shifts for the first time this week. I usually only get a 1/2 hour lunch break but with the longer shift, my lunch break is a full hour. With my extra time, I decided to go check out a part I need for my car during break yesterday and on the way back, I found myself in an old and dangerous mindset.
I started to tell myself to just get that fatty burger and fry at Carl's Jr. I have been craving or a bunch of cheese smothered burritos at Taco Bell. It was only for a short minute but it was a scary thing that I let myself enter that mindset again. I got kind of pissed about it. For a moment there, I forgot about all my success, all the hard work. I pushed out of my mind the 2-a-day workouts that I have had to do. All the raw emotion of my Join the RESISTANCE! post on my blog left failed me. I let the raw cravings start to rule my life in that 1 minute. I literally had to yell "SHUT UP! fat guy !" Cravings will NEVER go away. You can't change the fact that you are going to want food. You can however choose to NOT let cravings rule your life. While the cravings don't go away, your ability to respond to them DO get stronger. As much as I wanted to say "Screw it all! I'm pigging out!", I couldn't do it. When emotion and memory failed me, took over. It is consistency in the battle for real, long-term weight loss that makes all the difference. The simple fact that I had said "No" to the cravings so many other times was the only thing that kept me driving by and not thro.
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