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Cranky Shelley - Unreasonable Edition

Posted Jun 24 2013 6:00am
Sometimes, things happen that take away the tenuous grip of control that I have on my life.  Like that stupid, stupid flood in my bathroom - yes, the bathroom that we just redid (but I'm not bitter).  I went from experiencing a thrill of "wow, this is so pretty!" almost every time I walked in there to feeling overwhelmed about the repairs needed now.  Which makes me cranky.  And when I get cranky, I tend to be unreasonable in my reactions to things.  For example, I'm stressed and mad about the bathroom, so what do I do?  I unfriend someone on Facebook.  Yeah, that'll help.  The thing is, I'm sure that person wouldn't even notice...but somehow, the crankiness I feel over the bathroom situation transferred over to "why in the world am I Facebook friends with this person?" - and once I hit the unfriend button, I felt a strange, stupid satisfaction. 


Another thing that's making me unreasonably cranky?  Chobani Flip yogurt - specifically, their Almond Coco Loco flavor.  I tried it when I was in north Texas last week, and DANG, it's good.  Coconut Greek yogurt!  Yes, the toasted almonds and dark chocolate pieces that you "flip" in are extra tasty, but just the coconut yogurt tastes fantastic, and I'd love to buy some and top it with my own fruit and granola for a change from my normal plain Greek yogurt.  Do they sell it without the flip toppings?  NO!  Come on, Chobani - let me buy a container of coconut-flavored yogurt without the extras...I'm trying to eat (somewhat) healthy over here!
I both recommend and do not recommend you try this's too good, if you know what I mean.

I hate my refrigerator.  Yes, I went cheap when our old one kicked the bucket and bought a smaller-sized one than we had before, and yes, I do like the energy savings that comes with running such a small fridge, but I want to slap myself whenever I come home with more than a couple bags of groceries - I can't fit everything into it!  And also yes, I just went grocery shopping...hence the unreasonable crankiness.  I could just, oh I don't less groceries?  But it just seems dumb, in the large land that is Texas, to go small when it comes to grocery shopping.
The important food groups - fruit, veggies, dairy and watermelon.  Oh and Gatorade, because it's stupid hot here and we sweat a lot.
You know what?  I'm out of crank.  Either writing it out for this post helped, or maybe it was the bowl of cherries that I ate while typing away, but in any case, I'm done.  I'm sure you're relieved...and hey, if you are feeling unreasonably cranky, feel free to share in the comments - maybe it'll help you, too!
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