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Cramps: A Post For Women Only

Posted May 11 2010 5:40pm

I had good intentions when I bounded out of bed this morning. I’d have a good workday, eat right and hit the road for a good solid run when I got home… Now I’m thinking that’s not going to happen. Nuh-uh.

I came to work, only to be surprised a couple of hours later with a gift from Mother Nature. No biggie. However, within a couple of hours came the cramps…nausea-inducing, doubled-over, oh please let me lay in my bed with a heating pad cramps. Tylenol didn’t touch them. Nothing at this point will alleviate them besides time.

I’d like to know in who’s rule book it’s written that we have to deal with this at the end of the road. I mean, I paid my dues. I had my cramps and all the fun that went with it as a teenager. I had my kids. I’ve gone through almost 40 years of this monthly cycle thing without incident.

And then now? At the end, I get to feel like I’m 15 again in the doubled-over pain, “I don’t want to go to school today” kind of way? How is that fair in anyone’s book?

I was having a conversation with a couple of women my age over the weekend who are ahead of me on the biological track and were lamenting the loss of this lovely little monthly gift. I’m thinking I’m not going to miss it so much. Seriously.

What does it mean for me this week? No running today, that’s for sure. No swimming for the next couple of days. Making sure, I’m, um, prepared with all the right accessories. Mood swings. Chocolate cravings…

I’d be ok if this were the last time. Really, I would.

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