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Could Meat and Potatoes For Dinner Help You Lose More Fat?

Posted Jan 23 2013 10:40pm

I’ll try not to get too science geeky on this post and just bullet the promising highlights.  Read a summary by Robb Wolf  about two recent studies regarding partitioning macronutrients (Carbs, Proteins & Fat). Robb’s a a very knowledgeable Health and Fitness expert who’s also a bio-chemist.  Hence the reason I’ll try to give you the cliff note version.

Two papers from the same researchers showed that eating the majority of your carbs in the evening may help you lose fat, by increasing your satiation hormone Leptin while also reducing inflammation.

According to Robb, these studies are “pretty good” because they are a Randomized Control Trial format.  Some may criticize the results because the subjects weren’t locked up in a hospital room for months and the researchers don’t really know exactly what the groups ate, but none the less I also feel that what they revealed might be pretty useful for you and I.

In a nut shell here’s what they found:

Key items tracked:


The group which ate carbs in the evening:
This doesn’t mean we should all go out grab some leptin (joking you can’t buy it) in hopes that it’s the answer to our obesity and diabetes epidemic.  Not a FAT chance (pun intended)  Studies have also shown that leptin given to overweight individuals in the hopes this would suppress appetite doesn’t work.   The best fix still looks like JERF  (Just Eat Real Food) and lifestyle changes are the answers.

Big Take-Away

Calories count, but so do hormones (they really run the show) and the macronutrients which affect hormones. This is especially true when we consider folks who are insulin resistant.  I was and it’s no easy road, but if you JERF and maybe eat a sweet potato or other starchy veggies with your evening meal you might just lose more fat than you’d hoped. Below are the links for both papers if you want to get your Science on.

What do ya think?  Give it a try and let us know your results in the comment section.  I’m gonna and I’ll let you know how it goes for me.

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