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Could a DNA Test Be the Best Indicator for Your Diet?

Posted Mar 05 2010 5:51am

3340435836_d347c3ce3d_m The researchers found from their small study, which revolved around 101 women that when they tested their DNA , which was an indicator of which diet was best for them. They found that the ones that matched up with their DNA were far more likely to in comparison to those who weren’t matched up properly.

This new technology is called nutrigenomics which, in a nutshell, means it’s the analysis of how our food reacts with our genes. The actual study itself revolved around how well people react with their food and genes together. The women were put on three different diets for a period of a year and were split into three diet groups diets low carbohydrate, low carbohydrate and high protein, and low fat and lower.

They were also split into three genenome groups, which were called low carbohydrate diet responsive, low-fat diet responsive and balanced diet responsive. The overall outcome of the study found that those that matched theirDNA and ate the right foods for their gene type losttwo to three times more weight in comparison to their counterparts who ate the wrong foods for their gene type.

The researchers said that more needs to be done to prove this technology before it would be possible to use it in a commercial setting. Some British experts commented on the study saying it was a fairly small study and the genes weren’t mentioned, which were tested, but nonetheless, they said that it was very intriguing to say the least. Even so, though if this does prove to be successful it may help a lot of people of whom may be trying to and can’t understand why they are having problems. So in summary it could be simply how your food is interacting with your genes.

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