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Coughing up a lung

Posted Jan 01 2010 12:00am

Man, I feel like the crap today. I've got a hacking, junky cough and my body aches. Blech. Thank goodness my husband can work from home if he needs to - I don't know how I would be able to take care of the kids these past two days!

My eating's been a bit weird because my appetite's not really there. I tried to have a bigger breakfast this morning just to catch up on calories a bit. Nothing is very appealing to me. I'm thinking soup is probably the name of the game for lunch and possibly dinner.

I did stay up to watch The Biggest Loser premiere last night. What did you all think? I thought it was TERRIBLE that they made them all get on the scale in front of their home towns. How much more humiliation did they need?? I really didn't like that part - I felt it was sensationalist and totally unnecessary. I don't have a favorite yet - I'm leaning toward the Puerto Rican team, though - they have fire!

What do you guys like to eat when you're sick? Are you a traditional soup eater, or is there something else that comforts you when you're ill?

Hopefully I'll be feeling more like myself tomorrow...

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