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Cooking and piano playing!

Posted Nov 04 2012 6:21pm

A weekend with no biking, what’s a girl to do?  I guess all of those things that you don’t do when riding 40 or 50 miles :D

There was some shopping at craft shows.  Although, I have to say I came away empty-handed.  I bargained with John – he had to come to a craft show and we would then go out to lunch where he wanted.  #8 in “how to make your marriage last”  Feels a little like Christmas!

This was in a church and I have never been to this show before.  Or in this church, either, for that matter.  I love the stained glass:

Lots of good stuff, but as I said to John, it can be hard to part me from my money sometimes.  I also found this sign very funny (not sure why) – and actually very true.

This church also has a school inside of it and this was by the classrooms.

Lunch was the Village Cafe in Greenwich. John had been hankering to go there for a football meal, but since I have won the last 3 weeks, we haven’t gone.  Good stuff.  I had an omelet that had ham, cheddar and granny smith apple slices.  Usually I have that combo as a sandwich, but never an omelet.  That would be a nice grain-free meal, other than my toast  :mrgreen:

Their bread is so good! John also got a slice of coconut cream pie to go.  They make the most amazing pies there.

We also did some thrifting and again, I came away empty-handed.  Bust of a shopping day, I must say.

Did some food prep for the week.   Lemon curd :

John made bread:

And he did lattes today.  Acting as barista!


I also made some grain-free almond meal crackers and will post the recipe this week.

These are tasty!

A nice day watching football.  I did a little running.  I am up to just about 2.7 miles now.  Slower pace.  I have found if I try to push it at all my thigh screams at me the next day.  I like it to be quiet, so I will just do the slower pace.  No poking the dragon anymore.

Here is a little bit of John playing piano today – he is practicing Peanuts for the holidays.  He didn’t know I recorded this  :mrgreen:

Thankful thought of the day – thankful for my sister and how we are friends as adults (which we really weren’t growing up).

Me and my sister

I’m the younger one  :twisted:

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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