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Cook It Right!

Posted by Tracii H.

We all know how fried foods effect our health (and weight) negatively, but many people are at a loss for how to prepare foods in an equally-delicious but more healthful way. The following methods of food preparation can be used on any food and are guaranteed to awaken your taste buds without rousing the formation of fat:

Stir-fry. Use a wok to cook vegetables, poultry and seafood in vegetable stock, wine or a small amount of oil. Microwave. This is a good alternative because it's fast and doesn't add any fat or calories.Roast. Put a rack in the pan so the meat doesn't sit in its own fat drippings. Instead of basting the meat with pan drippings, opt for healthier liquids like wine, tomato juice or lemon juice, which add flavor and character to your meat. Grill or broil. Always use a rack when grilling or broiling so fat drips away from the food.Bake. Bake foods in covered cookware with a little extra liquid.Poach. Cook chicken or fish by immersing it in boiling liquid.Saute. Using a nonstick vegetable spray, a small portion of broth or wine, or a little bit of oil rubbed onto the pan with a paper towel can avoid sticking if a non-stick pan isn’t available. When necessary, use liquid vegetable oils that have no more than 2 g of saturated fat per tablespoon.Steam. Steam vegetables in a basket over simmering water. They'll retain more flavor and won't need any salt.
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We use a wok to make stir fry and all kinds of other foods. With stir fries, you can throw all kinds of veggies in with a favourite meat (or no meat) and it doesn't take terribly long either. The vegetable chopping takes the most work. To add to this, we have stopped using breaded foods, like chicken and fish. We buy things like chicken breasts and salmon rather than pre-packaged chicken fingers and fish sticks.
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