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Consistent Weekly Weight Loss: 1 More Pound Lost

Posted Aug 14 2008 10:03am

lost one more pound

Consistent weight loss is where it’s at. For me at least. As long as I keep seeing that scale drop on a weekly basis, I am satisfied. Now, I only lost one pound which is 4 off of my 5 pound goal for the week, but I will take it and run. That makes me officially 314 lbs. I’ve updated my weight loss chart in case you were wondering how I’ve progressed over the last month.

I am dying to take a picture for my photo update, but I won’t be doing that until I fall under the 300 lb mark! That is part of my mini goal, along with losing 20 lbs in August. So far, I have only lost 1 lb in August, so I need to step my game up. I am not sure what’s going on really especially since my workouts are pretty intense and effective. I have been eating healthy, proportioned, counting calories, and not depriving myself, so that can’t be it. Can it? I am going to keep doing what I have been doing for another week and see if the weight loss number increases. My goal for next week is 5 lbs again.

In case you were wondering, I don’t have a twin and you aren’t hallucinating. I just Photoshopped two pictures of myself. ;) Did you notice the sweat on my arms? That’s right, it’s not oil I put on to look more muscular. LOL. I love my recumbent bike , it gets the job done and is so low impact! I think I look pretty damn good in the photos. Looking at these pics, would you think I weighed in at 314 lbs? C’mon, really? I don’t think so. I look like a big guy, maybe 260 lbs, but not 314 lbs!

That just goes to show that I am going to look awesome when I drop all the weight. Oh, before I forget, I think a weight loss competition is brewing against me and someone in the weight loss blogosphere, stay tuned (leave a comment if you would be interested in participating in the challenge).

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Consistent Weekly Weight Loss: 1 More Pound Lost

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