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Considering Post-Holiday-Electric-Shock-Therapy. AND let's discuss my peroid. Nothing's sacred.

Posted Dec 29 2008 7:30pm
Don't worry your pretty little heads over this... I'm getting there. I promise. But in the meantime, if you live within 50 miles of me and know who I am- QUIT BRINGING CHRISTMAS GOODIES TO MY WORK, MY HOME, OR ANYWHERE NEAR ME. YOU MAY BE AT RISK OF LOSING A DIGIT, OR WORSE.

Dang, people. We're trying to lose weight around here! If I had any self control, I wouldn't look like this TO BEGIN WITH.SO WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME???

Okay... okay... rant is over. Take a deep breath. Let's get down to business.

Tomorrow is Monday & I am back on it, 100%. As you can see from the pic, I polished off the cheeseball that LESLIE brought over along with her irresistible home made fudge. (you KNOW I'll call you out on MY blog-be warned.) I'm heading to the gym tomorrow at 9AM with my priorities in place, having ingested 30g of protein & my Phentermine pill - ready for ACTION.

And ladies, (my apologies to Brian, the one male follower on my blog, for this topic... feel free to stop reading HERE, Brian ) what is up with the water weight gain/bloating during our periods? Feel FREE to comment to me about this. When, exactly, does the weight gain happen? I lost 4.2 as of last Tuesday 12/23, then AUNT FLOW came to visit four days later... now I feel HUGE but I don't know if that's the side effect of my peroid or that cheeseball I just ate. Maybe both? I'm totally expecting to have gained at least eight pounds this week. And if I do... I'll blame it allllll on water weight. Yup. Water weight gain.

So THAT'S where I'm at. As I always say, it is what it is. If I gained weight this week ( who am I kidding with the *if* ) I'll know exactly why. But I also know what I need to do to take it back off, right? I am a WEIGHT LOSS STUD. And WHO is going to lose weight during the week of Christmas PLUS I had TWO wedding receptions to go to??? Seriously. I'm a victim. A very puffy victim.
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