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Confessions of a Fat Guy

Posted Mar 26 2012 11:01pm
Ok, so I'm fat - I'm not the first or the last person on this Earth that gained weight, so why did I take this so hard? Because I was never fat before! I was a force of nature, I was that lunatic that can make a 20 mile bike ride, 7 mile run, and swim for another 7 all in the same day! I was the only guy that had an open tab - in the gym! I was taking more dietary supplements than real food and knew all the labels and content by heart. So what the hell happened to me?! 

I moved from Brisbane and started working two jobs. It was about time I bought a flat of my own and the only way I could afford it is by doing some extra work. Now, both of my jobs included computers, so my physical activity was set to the lowest bar since...forever. Furthermore, there was no way I could find time to prepare some of my healthy, low-carb, low-fat, high-protein meals every day - heck, I couldn't manage to prepare it once a week! So, I started eating junk food. At first I thought well, I'm a big guy, I need a lot of energy just to sustain my body mass as it is. That of course didn't come out as planned - at first my weight stayed the same, but my body mass did shift in favor of fat since I haven't used my muscles nearly as much as I used to. Then I started gaining weight as well, so soon I had to buy some new pants since my thighs tended to break free from the bonds of denim.

I am not something you could call a moderate guy, so when I decided to do something about the current state I was in, I took it to the extreme because that's just the way I roll. I managed to make a compromise with my boss to start working as a freelancer so I practically rolled two jobs into one. This gave me just enough time to throw in a few hours of gym and outdoor activities. At the moment, I'm on a ketogenic diet supplemented with Animal Pak complex, protein isolate powder, and Jack3d since my glycogen levels are too low to get me through my day off, let alone my head spinning training tempo. In the last week I lost 3 pounds and will keep you guys posted on my further progress. Wish me luck! 
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