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Coming Out of the Closet

Posted Jul 11 2009 11:53pm

Today I'm cleaning out my closet and saying bye-bye to all of the old, ugly black and navy blue men's t-shirts that have overtaken the biggest part of my wardrobe for the past several years. And... let me tell you... it is a fantastic and freeing feeling!!! Tossing these disgusting t-shirts into the trash bag is the most fun I've had in weeks! hehe

And right here and right now I vow that I will NEVER again buy or fit into a men's 4X t-shirt!!!

From now on... it's going to be pretty, feminine, colorful clothing for me! And I'm happy to say that a few girly blouses that I purchased last summer... but was never able to wear because they were too small... do fit me now! Woo hoo!

You know... I really can't believe how good getting rid of these old t-shirts feels! So let me suggest that if YOU have anything old and ugly in your closet that YOU have been hiding in... let today be the day that you throw it into the trash! Because I think you'll be getting rid of more than the ratty clothing. You'll be getting rid of the negative thoughts that went along WITH the clothing.

At least that seems to be what's happening with me. Today I'm wearing a nice blouse instead of an ugly men's t-shirt. And I totally feel like a new woman. Actually... I feel like a WOMAN. Period.

So... anything need to come out of YOUR closet and go into the trash? Let me know... because I'm nosy like that. hehe
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