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Coming In For A Landing

Posted Mar 19 2013 9:47am

Coming In For A Landing

March 19, 2013 by

As some of you may know… I recently traveled around the world in just seven days…

Airplane Taking Off

I stopped in Marrakech, Istanbul, Barcelona, South Africa, Auckland, Hong Kong and Rio De Janeiro…

Elephant in South Africa

We made a little friend in South Africa!

All with my sexy travel “companion” (if you catch my drift!) Ryan Gosling  in our own private G-4 jet.

Ryan Gosling Carrying Luggage

What a calorie-free muffin, carrying my luggage!

You can imagine how exhausted I am…

GiGi tired in bed

Ryan is such an animal… I’m exhausted. 

Ha! Yeah, how tired my eccentric imagination is!

Regardless as to whether you take a mental vacation or a real one, traveling can be quite exhausting and some even find that they need a vacation after they take a vacation!

Adorable Sleeping Puppy

The cutest piece of laundry ever! Rival’s my VS panties!

Celebrities are constantly on the go – for work or pleasure, yet look completely put together (well, okay, NOT ALL of them, but I am generalizing here) when photographed out and about. (Yes, they have make up artists, hair dressers, stylists, etc but still…)

All I know is that after deplaning from a 16 hour flight, I look about as sexy as…

Ugly and Angry Fish

I’m a smelly, hangry bi-otch!

I can almost guarantee a bulk of you look just as FETCHING as I do after traveling… But the worst part isn’t actually right after you get off that flying coffin (yeah, I hate flying). The WORST happens a few days later when the jet lag slaps you in the face, or your seat mate’s donkey coughing… Causes you to get nice and sick.

Gee thanks, Jackass!

Jackass or Donkey

You wouldn’t happen to have a tissue, would you?

Thankfully, while your head might literally be in the CLOUDS (ha, see what I did there?) there are ways to keep you healthy while flying (or driving, sailing, hovering?)!

  • Exercise: This tip refers to both before and after your flight or drive, although could you imagine someone lunging up and down the aisles in their spandex on the plane?
  • Pack Healthy Snacks /Plan In Advance: If you watched my videos , YOU KNOW WHY! 
  • Relax: Kick it with some mindless reality TV
  • Stay Hydrated/ Don’t Drink Alcohol: Getting tipsy at 30,000 ft is not a smart idea! 
  • Toughen Up Your Immune System: Kale can do the trick! 
  • Listen To Music: Nothing like Lil Wayne or Snoop Dog, excuse me, LION, to cure your lethargy. 
  • Pack Anti-Bacteria Wipes/Lotion: Personally, I like to wipe down toilet seats with these AMAZING germ murderers! 
  • Follow The Local Schedule If Changing Time Zones: There’s an app for that, the Jet Rooster App

With these awesome tips, who is ready to go to Taipei!? 

Taipei Sunset

So tell me…

  • Healthy Travel: How do you do it?
  • Are you going anywhere AMAZING anytime soon?
  • Do you wonder how celebrities stay looking so “put together” even though they’re always on the go?
  • Where was the last place you traveled to?
  • What’s your dream vacation?
  • Can you sleep on airplanes?
  • Do you like airplane food? 



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